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Tutorial: eco-friendly firepit starters AND mosquito tip: " throw a stick of sage into the fire. The sage scented smoke that the fire will emit keeps mosquitos and other annoying bugs at bay for the entire area" HOORAY!!


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Have you ever thought of carrying trick birthday candles in an emergency kit so that you can start a fire easier without matches being blown out?? This guy has. Good kit to have for long hikes and camping trips.


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Toothpaste Dots for backpacking. Lay out foil sheet or parchment and make rows of dollops of toothPASTE. Allow to dry for 2-4 days. Sprinkle baking soda on top to keep from sticking. Repackage in small bags. To use simple pop one dot in your mouth, chew, then add a small amount of water in your mouth and start brushing. This tip reduces weight in your pack


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