Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

penteado fofo para cabelo curto


Don't let anyone tell you short hair is less maintenance. Notice how I've created a board for hair just after my hair cut. 😳 Short Hair Half Up via thebeautydepartment- nice length

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10 Best DIY Wedding Hairstyles with Tutorials

Trança começando da franja até o final do cabelo. LIndo, despojado e penteado fácil.

Hair Tutorial // Thick Summer Braid

Hair Tutorial // Thick Summer Braid — Treasures & Travels nice but it would look better if it's neater

Create a awesome half up half down braid look using this easy tutorial! All you have to do is just tuck the braids underneath the other side and done!

Half-up braided crown braid. Nice for a wedding or handfasting :)

Cor e corte

25 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles (Le Fashion)

penteado de festa semi preso

Penteado de festa: inspiração

[tps_header]Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be a challenge with so many options for brides. From updos to braids, wedding hairstyles come in all kinds of variations. That’s why we’ve put together these hairs.

Penteados para Cabelos Curtos 2015: Modelos e Dicas

Short hair frames your radiant face, so show it off with these amazing 8 braided looks. From french braids to crown braids, there are endless possibilities. So whether you're sporting an edgy bob or a messy pixie, change it up with these braid ideas.