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Side blog for mama-macabre --- Natural witch and empath --- Eclectic and Satanic --- Practicing for ten years --- Devotee of Lilith and Lucifer --- Everything that isn't a reblog is original and written by me; I do not write love spells or curses.


Pendle Hill Witches | Hazy trig ©painterman61


♘ Welcome to my blog! I am Ravenwitch, dreamer and unsuccesful artist who tries to survive through this mysterious nothigness we call life. I am also a Carrollian ♘ I occasionaly post gore and horror. It it tagged under and imagery


Bay Leaf - Burning it as incense can promote visions. Write a wish/question on your bay leaf & then burn it, conveying it to the spirit realm. If the leaf crackles & burns brightly then the outcome will be positive. If leaf refuses to burn or smokes, then the outcome is negative. Carry bay leaves to ward off evil.