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Dicionario Visual - Produção gráfica offset

Dicionario Visual - Produção gráfica offset

ephemeraa: tordo

I love the simplicity and grace of this. Pinning for enjoyment and inspiration. By artist Fernando Aldea.

ótima ideia pra pôster #homeoffice #euquero #decor

All liked the composition Sea life. Sunken ship at the bottom of the sea and fish: whale, shark, sword fish and other.

Uma lista visual de pássaros. não sei quem é o autor State Birds

STATE BIRDS Digital illustration of the 50 state birds, ordered by their state’s admittance into the Union.


Easy to draw animals. For when kids want me to draw something. and how they have inspired modern day art work! reminded me of the simplisity of the animal figures in cave art!