Bercé Par Les Vagues (Lulled By The Waves), free pattern by Laurence Mériat. Pic from Ravelry Project Gallery. ~ Free crochet patterns ~

Bercé Par Les Vagues (Lulled By The Waves), free pattern by Laurence Mériat. Pic from Ravelry Project Gallery. ~ Free crochet patterns ~ English translation in notes crochet blanket afghan lap throw

Color Theory: Here the author explains three ways of combining colors that will cause the item you are crocheting to be absolutely striking. This same theory could help you to assemble some very striking outfits to wear. This is just a great lesson in combining colors that I know I will be using again and again.

Choosing Yarn Colors Tutorial - Great tutorial on how to choose yarn colors based on the color wheel. This is very helpful to remember when you're standing in the yarn store unsure of what colors to purchase.

I made a cable hat with this pattern and it came out great. I was a beginner when I did it so if you have a little crochet experience and want to move on to something a little more challenging this will do the trick.

Cable Hat Pattern - Cables in crochet? This is not a beginner's pattern. This pattern uses front post double and treble crochet (fpdc and fptr) as well as back post double crochet (bpdc).

Beautiful crochet cushion @ Tipsy Tessie

Beautiful crochet cushion @ Tipsy Tessie --> an idea for my half blanket work of granny squares - a cushion!

Brian is going to kill me when the whoooole house is covered with crochet projects, but I love this! Crochet baskets using hemp or twine. Great for added stiffness and stability.

PACKING TWINE is the star here. (This is a german site, would have to use english pattern.) Crochet storage bowls from packing twine - nice alternative!

Crochet Red Gingham Blanket - Free Pattern

I am in love again with another crochet gingham blanket! I used a different technique to achieve this crochet red gingham blanket since I've had a hard time

crochet edges

Buttons and bobbins: Free Pattern Fortnightly: Seven crochet edgings I am always looking for great edges for my knitting!

This is perfect for a non-typical but yet easy to do baby blanket.

Knit a beautiful blanket in cuddly soft yarn for a new precious baby boy or girl. This pattern is timeless, elegant and perfect for your dear little one.

Twin Rivers Beanie Crochet Pattern

Twin Rivers Beanie Crochet Pattern

This is a great fun textured twist on the classic beanie. You can easily add rows for a more slouchy .

Waffles the Kitten is a super fun, quick working beanie for people of all ages. Pattern includes a sizing chart for newborn through adult large. Pattern is for hat only, add buttons, bows, and other trimmings as you desire. Waffles is open to all manner of styles!

Waffles the Kitten pattern by Frenchie Leigh

crochet basket

No pattern, just inspiration My Country Cottage Garden: A little grey crocheted basket

Neapolitan Throw By Rena Stevens - Free Crochet Pattern With Website Registration - (freepatterns) love these colors!