Eruption in Mount Ararat ,Turkey.

Mount Ararat | Unseen pictures 4You

Crab Nebula just in case you don't recognize it. One of the most spectacular images captured by Hubble

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Beautiful Mother Nature lights up the sky.

seepicz - See Epic Pictures

Apparent contradictions are often just truths that come in pairs, like this rainbow and lightning. They show us that beauty and strength, the presence of wrath and the beauty of peace can be experienced in the same place and at the same time.

Spectacular natural phenomena photos

pictures of mother nature disaters | ... Caulle fire Lightening Mother Nature Natural Disaster Tornado volcano

Amazing nature photos #4

For the first time, astronomers have detected the presence of complex organic molecules, the building blocks of life, in a protoplanetary disc surrounding a young star. The discovery, made with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), reaffirms that the conditions that spawned the Earth and Sun are not unique in the Universe. The results are published in the 9 April 2015 issue of the journal Nature.

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Karie Buskirk

Baby turttles

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Dark & Stormy

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#movement . when lightning strikes . power of nature

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When lightening strikes...

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Jacaranda Trees in Bloom...located in south America these trees are gorgeous

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Purple Sunset #BeautifulNature #Reflections #NaturePhotography #Nature #Photography #Sunsets #Lakes

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Photograph Twister by Yngve Blomsø on 500px


St. George Island, FL; one of the best beaches and vacation places in Florida.*** We loved our trip there!

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Sand dollars and spiral shells

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Sunset at Sørup in Esrum, North Zealand, Denmark

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✯ Nature's Lightning storm

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If you live in a beachfront home, help sea turtles during the nesting and hatching seasons by turning off white outdoor lights at night or covering them with red cellophane. #WorldOceansDay @H2O Plus Skincare Skincare

Sea Turtle | Species | WWF


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A phenomenal lightning storm rolling its way through Albuquerque, New Mexico. • By Knate Myers.

Albuquerque Lightning

eatingclub vancouver: Philippine-style Chicken "BBQ"

Philippine-style Chicken "BBQ"

Wow, this is awesome. Sunset and lightning over water.

Wow, this is awesome

Full moon in Charleston, South Carolina via

Full moon in Charleston, South Carolina

Lightning Bolt

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