I laughed more than I should have…

Note the cat face inside the canister! Can't contain the laughter!

So true

My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time. Quote from man stabbed: what are you gonna do, stab me?


Yes, I am a control freak and that's why all of my work gets done correctly, thank you very much!


Would be perfect for my mug collection. This+coffee+mug+is+perfect+for+the+Disney+Princess+lover+in+your+life! Please+Note:+These+mugs+are+NOT+dishwasher+safe.+Please+wash+by+hand!

My life story.

My life story. Saying this next time someone doesn't like the fact that I stood up for myself, minus the swear word.


sucks to know that the president of our country can't handle his own stuff. The queen of England can do things for herself why canr he?

People get SO angry, don't try to argue blubber at me because I pointed out you're stupid. Deal with it.

These are awesome! @beckster23

The many reasons why they cry

hilarious reasons why kids cry! i love the bill Murray and justin bieber ones!

I swear people ask me this while I'm on the middle of sending a patient out as if I have time to even look at you, or even answer you...

Free and Funny News Ecard: When someone asks me if I'm working hard, or hardly working, I'm tempted to punch them in the throat & ask them if they're hurting hard or h

Funny Friendship Ecard. lol hahaha. #funny #humor #pinterest

My 'low carb recipes' board on has 4 pins. My desserts board has Don't judge me.


DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE Favorite Song (Instrumental) - Fireworks/Jig (from the Little Mermaid) (Tied) The part where she sees the ship and fireworks, and she watches Eric in the ship.

Funny Family Ecard

NO KIDDING! I hope you enjoy relaxing after that delicious meal I spent two hours cooking :).

Funny Confession Ecard

Funny Confession Ecard: I hate Periods. Out of all things, why blood? Why can't it be fairy dust or glitter or something pretty?