Dan (gif)

If you're ever having a bad day, watch this gif. Dan smile gifs make the world go 'round.

Awe idk this is just so cute

Not only is this literally the cutest thing ever, but he didn't actually know the camera was rolling during this and he was still being an adorable soft llama << I just watched this video, (Japan Haul) and I replayed this part about five times.

"As you can see, Dan is very happy XD"

aesthetic-howell: clemvevo: aesthetic-howell: to anyone who doesn’t watch danisnotonfire,explain this picture tiny emo man in leather has a maltesers fetish that’s exactly what it is

ok so isn't Marzia Pewdiepie's girlfriend? if so YESSSS and also my daddy is…

Hannah Hart and Phil Lester for the win! That of course might be a little difficult, but whatevs man - they're the best!<<< I got Tanya Burr and Phil Lester!

"Oh phil there was never a better king of the universe