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Boston Terrier Videos

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Boston Terrier Videos

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An Abused Puppy Mill Boston Terrier Learning How to Trust People! This is What Happened After Some Time ► -

Rescued Puppy Mill Dog Snuggle with a Human for the First Time!

This Lazy Boston Terrier Dog is Gone to Doggie Heaven! Watch ► -

Video of a Dog Laying in a Pile of Bone Treats

A Dog Behavior that's Bad for a Car! ► -

Tank the Boston Terrier Attack the Windshield Wipers

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Check out this Boston Terrier Dog on the iRobot Vacuum! ► -

Happy Easter from this Boston Terrier Dog on the iRobot Vacuum!
  • Yvonne Tatar
    Yvonne Tatar

    Omg. Can't stop laughing. Tears running down face :-) :-) :-)

  • Alyssa Sullivan
    Alyssa Sullivan

    I can't do that because my dog will bit it

These Sporty Boston Terriers learned to Ride on a Scooter! Watch ► -

Stylish Boston Terriers Scootering in Converse Sneakers! (Video)

Anyone else Share Food with their Dogs? See this Owner of a Cute little Boston Terrier named Frito sharing a Spaghetti with his Dog! ► -

Spaghetti Kiss between a Boston Terrier Dog and his Owner!

Poor Boston! The Mean Cat Stole the Toy! Watch ► -

Boston Terrier Couldn't Find How to Get his Toy Back from the Mean Cat!

See How this One Year Old Boston Terrier Puppy is Good on the Skateboard! ► -

This One Year Old Boston Terrier Puppy is Now Pretty Good on the Skateboard!

Smart Dogs Negociating! :) - Boston Terrier VS French Bulldog ►

Negotiation between the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog
  • Tiny Bling
    Tiny Bling


This Boston Terrier dog is also a Good Cook! Watch ► -

How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara featuring Chef Panda the Boston Terrier (Video)

Two Boston Terrier Lovers Celebrating Valentine's Day! Watch ►

Happy Valentine's Day Celebrated by Dogs

1 - 2 - 3 ! Watch this Cute Boston Terrier Fetch a Pokemon Plush! ► -

This Boston Terrier is Excited to Play with a Pokemon Psyduck Plush!

Do your Dogs Chase Flies? Watch this Googly Eyed Boston Terrier named Wilbert Looking for a Fly! ► -

Googly Eyed Boston Terrier Boy named Wilbert Looking for the Fly!

This Boston Terrier named Gus is Playing a Game for Dogs on the IPad! Watch ► -

IPad Game for Dogs Discovered by a Boston Terrier named Gus!

Who Loves Carrots? This Boston Terrier dog is Greedy for Carrots! Watch ► -

Greedy Boston Terrier Dog Share a Carrot with his Owner!

That's SO Funny!! This Boston Terrier dog will bark "Hello!" if you say "Hello!" to him! Watch ► -

This Friendly Boston Terrier Hilariously Respond with "Hello!"

This Boston Terrier named Mia is showing you her New Trick she just learned called Say Your Prayers! Watch ► -

Say Your Prayers Trick by a Boston Terrier dog named Mia!

Check Out How this Cute Boston Terrier Dog Avoid to Sit on a Cold Floor! Watch ► -

If you were Wondering if Boston Terrier dogs Like to Go for a Walk... Watch this! ► -

Do Boston Terrier Dogs Like to Go for a Walk? This One Answered!

Wish him Happy Birthday! Watch Rex Blowing Out a Candle on his 12th Birthday Cake! ► -

This Boston Terrier Puppy Failed to Tear Off the Teddy Bear's Scarf for 2 Weeks Until Now! Watch ► -

This Boston Terrier named Sunny opened his first Christmas present at 10 months old! Watch ► -

This is How Boston Terrier Dogs Roll! ► -

Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO - Boston Terrier Dogs Parody

Watch this Funny Boston Terrier Acting Crazy in her Owner's Bed just to Entertain! ► -

Have you ever Found One of your Dog's Ticklish Spot? The Owner of this Boston Terrier Found his Dog's Tickle Spot! Ticklish Feet! Watch ► -

His Owner Found his Tickle Spot! Ticklish Boston Terrier Feet!