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Boston Terrier Videos

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Boston Terrier Videos

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An Aqua Park that is specially opened for dogs! :) Check out these Boston Terriers having some fun in the water! ► -

These Three Boston Terriers Went at the Aqua Park for Dogs in Barcelona, Spain!

An Abused Puppy Mill Boston Terrier Learning How to Trust People! This is What Happened After Some Time ► -

Rescued Puppy Mill Dog Snuggle with a Human for the First Time!

This Lazy Boston Terrier Dog is Gone to Doggie Heaven! Watch ► -

Video of a Dog Laying in a Pile of Bone Treats

A Dog Behavior that's Bad for a Car! ► -

Tank the Boston Terrier Attack the Windshield Wipers

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Check out this Boston Terrier Dog on the iRobot Vacuum! ► -

Happy Easter from this Boston Terrier Dog on the iRobot Vacuum!
  • Yvonne Tatar
    Yvonne Tatar

    Omg. Can't stop laughing. Tears running down face :-) :-) :-)

  • Alyssa Sullivan
    Alyssa Sullivan

    I can't do that because my dog will bit it

These Sporty Boston Terriers learned to Ride on a Scooter! Watch ► -

Stylish Boston Terriers Scootering in Converse Sneakers! (Video)

Anyone else Share Food with their Dogs? See this Owner of a Cute little Boston Terrier named Frito sharing a Spaghetti with his Dog! ► -

Spaghetti Kiss between a Boston Terrier Dog and his Owner!

Poor Boston! The Mean Cat Stole the Toy! Watch ► -

Boston Terrier Couldn't Find How to Get his Toy Back from the Mean Cat!

See How this One Year Old Boston Terrier Puppy is Good on the Skateboard! ► -

This One Year Old Boston Terrier Puppy is Now Pretty Good on the Skateboard!

Smart Dogs Negociating! :) - Boston Terrier VS French Bulldog ►

Negotiation between the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog
  • Tiny Bling
    Tiny Bling


This Boston Terrier dog is also a Good Cook! Watch ► -

How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara featuring Chef Panda the Boston Terrier (Video)
  • Sandra Hodgin
    Sandra Hodgin

    This is so cute.

Two Boston Terrier Lovers Celebrating Valentine's Day! Watch ►

Happy Valentine's Day Celebrated by Dogs

1 - 2 - 3 ! Watch this Cute Boston Terrier Fetch a Pokemon Plush! ► -

This Boston Terrier is Excited to Play with a Pokemon Psyduck Plush!

Do your Dogs Chase Flies? Watch this Googly Eyed Boston Terrier named Wilbert Looking for a Fly! ► -

Googly Eyed Boston Terrier Boy named Wilbert Looking for the Fly!

This Boston Terrier named Gus is Playing a Game for Dogs on the IPad! Watch ► -

IPad Game for Dogs Discovered by a Boston Terrier named Gus!

Who Loves Carrots? This Boston Terrier dog is Greedy for Carrots! Watch ► -

Greedy Boston Terrier Dog Share a Carrot with his Owner!

That's SO Funny!! This Boston Terrier dog will bark "Hello!" if you say "Hello!" to him! Watch ► -

This Friendly Boston Terrier Hilariously Respond with "Hello!"

This Boston Terrier named Mia is showing you her New Trick she just learned called Say Your Prayers! Watch ► -

Say Your Prayers Trick by a Boston Terrier dog named Mia!

Check Out How this Cute Boston Terrier Dog Avoid to Sit on a Cold Floor! Watch ► -

If you were Wondering if Boston Terrier dogs Like to Go for a Walk... Watch this! ► -

Do Boston Terrier Dogs Like to Go for a Walk? This One Answered!

Wish him Happy Birthday! Watch Rex Blowing Out a Candle on his 12th Birthday Cake! ► -

This Boston Terrier Puppy Failed to Tear Off the Teddy Bear's Scarf for 2 Weeks Until Now! Watch ► -

This Boston Terrier named Sunny opened his first Christmas present at 10 months old! Watch ► -

This is How Boston Terrier Dogs Roll! ► -

Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO - Boston Terrier Dogs Parody

Watch this Funny Boston Terrier Acting Crazy in her Owner's Bed just to Entertain! ► -