Carlotta's Legacy

Her life is in a downhill plunge. Will marrying an Italian count bring Rebecca the love she's dreamed of, or doom her to relive past mistakes?
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a woman with gloves on her head and the words story of us written below it
Carlotta's Legacy (Legacy Series)
Book 2 Legacy Series
the back cover of her life is in a downhill plunge with many italian count
Carlotta's Legacy (Legacy Series)
an image of a vineyard with the words coming soon, charlotte's legacy
Betty Thomason Owens
Coming soon! Book 2 of the Legacy Series from author, Betty Thomason Owens, and Write Integrity Press.
a field full of blue and purple flowers under a cloudy sky with hills in the background
Italy, Apennine Mountains, Umbria, 'Violet Blue', Castelluccio di Norcia, Flower Fields
Italy, Apennine Mountains, Umbria, 'Violet Blue', Castelluccio di Norcia, Flower Fields by WanderingtheWorld (, via Flickr
the sun shines brightly over a vineyard with trees in the foreground and hills in the background
Morning fog in Umbria
Morning fog in Umbria.
an aerial view of a road winding through fields
Ultima Dimora
Norcia, Province of Perugia , Umbria region. Italy
an alley way with potted plants and flowers on the sides, lit by street lights
Calle Spello - Umbria - Italia
Street in Spello, Umbria, Italy
a flower bed in the middle of a park
Spello, Italy ~ Perugia Umbria
a wooden fence sitting in the middle of a field
Umbria, Italy....beautiful
two boats sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean at sunset or sunrise
no need for sunglasses
Umbria, Perugia.
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs, overlooking the rolling hills in the distance
todi 2
Todi, Umbria - Italy
the rolling hills are covered in clouds and green grass, with mountains in the background
Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria (by Luigi Giudici)
many birds flying in the air over an old building at night with lights shining on it
Assisi Town Square
Assisi, Umbria, Italy
a large building on top of a hill with red flowers growing in the foreground
Basilica di San Francesco d'Assisi, Umbria, Italy. Our tips for 25 places to visit in Italy: