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1. Cotton Candy Lights.  Spread out and pray paint cotton batting with light pink(the more uneven, the more authentic it looks).  Use spray glue to attach to twinkle lights(a big round globe is ideal--not the tiny ones).  Make paper cones out of scrapbook paper.

🍬 Cotton candy lights tutorial and two other cute DIYs for pretty string lights 🎇

Make your own sandals! Kathrin put together a wonderful tutorial on how to refashion old flip flops into classy, one-of-a-kind sandals. Definitely something to try!

DIY Summer Sandals Tutorial 1 by annekata - turn an old pair of flip-flops and an old t-shirt into new shoes! Great for the thongs that you can't wear because they rub.

Fancy Frugal Life: DIY Watermelon Nails (Mani/Pedi)

Fancy Frugal Life: DIY Watermelon Nails (Mani/Pedi) So cute for my daughter!

DIY Summer Shorts | Her Campus Oregon

Not this short! You can totally make these yourself! Just cut out cool fabric with a little extra room to hem, then just sew them over the pockets you already have. Here's my next DIY project :)

Cute shirt for summer #diy #cute #summer

Create your own t-shirt designs. This t-shirt cutting tutorial will help how to cut a t-shirt into. Here are different ways of DIY t-shirt.