Kappa by Yuko Shimizu White, grey, black, dark olive green, highly tinted pistachio, very light midori, dusky rose or terra cotta (two tints). Maybe do a navy blue too.

Kappa by Yuko Shimizu. This Yokai lives in the ponds and lakes. The Kappa seem to be very mischievous and like to wrestle people underwater.

Hasui, Kawase (1883-1957), "Kegon Falls, Nikko," 1931, Original Japanese Woodblock Print, 1st and only edition

Hasui, Kawase "Kegon Falls, Nikko," Original Japanese Woodblock Print, and only edition

En la delicada obra de Yasunari Ikenaga (1965) la mujer conserva la elegancia presente en la pintura japonesa antigua y está realizada en rollos de seda o papel, que tradicionalmente se utilizan para representar motivos religiosos y escenas de la vida cotidiana.

Contemporary Japanese Artist Yasunari Ikenaga ~ love the use of texture and pattern with the skin acting like the negative space

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, August 1878 – March was the pseudonym of a Nihonga artist and the leading master of the bijinga genre in Taishō and Showa period Japan. His real name was Kaburagi Kenichi.

Mt. Onsengatake, from Amakusa by Hasui (1923)

Onsengatake from Amakusa, 1922 (You can really see the influence Japanese art had on the impressionist movement)

091 (239x699, 222Kb)

Ikenaga Yasunari, Japanese painter Ikenaga Yasunari's [池永康晟] serene and soothing portraits of modern women evoke a dreamy nostalgia through their faded golden hues and elegant floating poses. Using a Menso brush, mineral pigments, and soot ink on li

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Takato Yamamoto's artwork is the brilliant, heavy-lidded daughter of illustration, sex and violence. Yamamoto's lush linework and exacting composition.