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These are Minecraft perlers I made to wear on a chain or for a keychain. Price is for each item and either a ball chain or keychain. Please let me know which Minecraft item you want along with keychain or ball chain.

Legendary Pokemon Charm Bracelet with Mewtwo Hooh by RainbowCastle, $27.99

Legendary Pokemon Charm Bracelet with Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza

Awesome hand made Minecraft action figures

I make Minecraft action figures for my kids. For his birthday this year, my 8 year old got an Ender Dragon and a Ghast.

minecraft cake!

I’ve always thought that having some sort of geeky wedding would be really cool, but not being a Minecraft person, the idea of a Minecraft wedding has never crossed my mind. However, after seeing this couple’s Minecraft wedding, I think Read More .

reindeer cupcake!

super easy reindeer cupcake-no recipe just picture

Favorite candy & cash

Great way to gift to nieces and nephews. Now to find out their favorite candy bars. Creative cash gift - wrap money around 4 candy bars and add a ribbon

Ribbon and beads= christmas trees. Fun ornaments!

Beads or pearls + wide ribbon + thread. String thread through a bead and then the ribbon at larger and larger intervals to make the tree shape. Fun Christmas craft, easy ornaments or embellishments for gift wrap.

Christmas Sweets

Christmas Found: 38 Holiday Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat Photo Gallery ~ ❤ Rudolph & Clarice!

Winter Cupcakes and Cookies

(left) Snowflake Cupcakes (right) Gingerbread Cookies I'm sure many of us will be rushing around this weekend putting finishing the touc.

reindeer cupcake!

super easy reindeer cupcake-no recipe just picture