Elitsa Spasova
Elitsa Spasova
Elitsa Spasova

Elitsa Spasova

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
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Great Art piece that could be used for a fundraiser.

Loop knot or loop start - This is a really great way to start stitching without having to tie a knot (which is never recommended) or weaving the thread end under other stitches.

Gallery.ru / Фото #10 - The Omnibook of Winged Things - Los-ku-tik birds

Blackwork collection..20 bookmarks, 40 snowflakes and floral borders pdf file. $12.00, via Etsy.

Love this idea of simple cross stitch tree "decorated" with "ornaments" = bead & charms treasures from your stash.... hello Christmas 2013!!! [from tinywhitedaisies] (NCS)

#diy, try this with needlepoint stitches

lots of felting and tutorials.... not sure if I'll ever try this but I want to!

*delicious* tshirt printables and tutorials for making cool tshirts for your kids