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Meu deus que bagunça O_o kkkkkk

There is so much going on here o_o There is Armin. And then there is a horse falling in love with its kin (aka jean), Connie and Sasha chowing down, and me and Levi are locked in an epic food fight to the death.

C'est un fait amusant, je faisais des recherches sur Attack on Titan parce que, et j'ai compris qu'Erwin est un pied entier plus grand que Levi (Erwin a 6'2 et Levi est 5'2)

Levi's punishment in his most hated high chair lol. Fun fact, I was doing some research on Attack on Titan because why not, and I figured out that Erwin is a whole foot taller than Levi (Erwin is and Levi is

More Attack of the Kindergarten!

"Attack on kindergarteners" This is to much for me. (´∀`)♡ I love Eren and Jean~ and Historia (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ:>>> Aww it's so cutee but I ship Eren and Levi ahh❤️