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BucketTripper authors go anywhere, and if our articles are evidence, buy everything. Here are treasures they've found in places from Anchorage to to Zanbibar.
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Learn about amber jewelry!

Mayan Textiles For Sale During Semana Santa in "The Shopping 'til You Drop Tour of Antigua, Guatemala" by Jonathon Engels.

Venetian mask makers often create dolls and marionettes as well (Photo copyright Stillman Rogers) in "Shopping for Masks and Crafts in Venice's San Polo" by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers.

A handmade jewelry box showcases traditional American woodworking craftmanship.Read about it at http://www.buckettripper.com/blog/why-i-shop-the-story-of-a-wooden-box-from-branson-missouri/


Flavored honey at Montreal's Jean Talon Market

Flavored honey at Montreal's Jean Talon Market

Where to buy authentic handmade Christmas ornaments. And the origins of Nutcrackers. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/shopping-for-christmas-decorations-in-germany/

Discovering the Traditional Jewelry and Textiles of Morocco in Tangier. Photo by Marie Claude Arnott. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/discovering-the-traditional-jewelry-and-textiles-of-morocco-in-tangier/#

Gold souk in Dubai. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-dubai-souvenir-shopping-in-one-of-the-worlds-bizarre-bazaars/

Costa Rica Boruca masks. Article about shopping for Costa Rica souvenirs at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-costa-rica-souvenir-shopping-in-the-land-of-pura-vida/

Alsatian cookware. Article about French souvenirs at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-france-shopping-for-french-souvenirs-in-paris-and-beyond

Miniature Painting from India. Photo by Marie-Claude Arnott. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-rajasthan-textiles-jewelry-crafts

Scottish plaid shawl. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-scotland-souvenirs-in-the-land-of-whisky-and-bagpipes/

An ulu is not only a great knife for mincing veggies... it's a useful Scrabble word to know! http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-alaska-souvenir-shopping-in-the-49th-state/

Can anyone resist an Hermes scarf? Photo by Karen Berger http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-france-shopping-for-french-souvenirs-in-paris-and-beyond

Saris come in many different designs and colors. Learn about them at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-india-the-secrets-of-saris

African Beads. http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-east-africa-souvenir-shopping-in-kenya-and-tanzania/#

East African mask. http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-east-africa-souvenir-shopping-in-kenya-and-tanzania/#

This Peruvian fabric is used as a shawl -- or a baby carrier. Article about Peruvian souvenirs at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-peru-souvenir-shopping-in-lima-and-cuzco

Murano glass pendant. Article about Italian souvenirs at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-italy-souvenir-shopping-in-the-land-of-la-dolce-vita

Souvenirs with meaning: This pot was made by a Mayan villager who is in a program, learning to recreate the ceramic artistry of Mayan ancestors. Proceeds from sales benefit the program. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-mexico-souvenir-shopping-in-riviera-maya-and-the-yucatan

Maya 2012 is coming: Could YOU read their calendar? This detail is part of a date (my birthday); it's written on leather.An unusal souvenir from Chichen Itza. Article What to Buy in Mexico: Souvenir Shopping in Riviera Maya and the Yucatan

A cheerful Ganesh mask from Nepal is only one of the colorful cultural souvenirs available in Kathmandu. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-nepal-souvenir-shopping-in-kathmandu

Egyptian souvenirs include waterpipes. Article at http://www.buckettripper.com/what-to-buy-in-egypt-souvenir-shopping-among-the-ruins-of-the-nile/#