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    All this week, amazing resources for Buddhist parents! Meditations, talks, blogs. Come and join in and share your experience! and thebuddhistcentre... Picture by Cait Hughes

    Buddhism and Meditation for Parents - Online This Weekend!

    Live Web Talk - Getting Radical, Then And Now | The Buddhist Centre. 6/6/15 - be there!

    Live Web Talk - Getting Radical, Then And Now

    #farewellwindhorse On Saturday April 18th between 2-6pm UK / 9am-1pm EST we'll be live streaming from the final gathering and celebration of Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge, UK. If you can't make it to the day itself, we hope to see you online and share some last memories of a big part of Triratna history...

    #farewellwindhorse: Saying Goodbye, Live from Cambridge

    Happy 47th Birthday to the Triratna Buddhist Order. Here's Sangharakshita conducting the first ever ordinations, April 7th 1968. #Triratna | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    Follow our live stream from the closing ritual at Windhorse:Evolution: Facebook ( or on Instagram (@buddhistcenter) or Tumblr (thebuddhistcentre). Moving stuff to witness the end of such an important collective, co-operative institution for #Triratna. 

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    Windhorse:Evolution's Final Ritual - Live On The Buddhist Centre Online | The Buddhist Centre

    Windhorse:Evolution's Final Ritual - Live On The Buddhist Centre Online

    Five Buddha Mandala by Aloka. Follow a Rainy Season retreat online - teachings and blogs from Bristol Buddhist Centre in the UK on the Brahma Viharas... March 13th-21st! Email us your own mandala pictures to be featured on Instagram! pictures@thebuddh...

    Living In The Mandala - Rainy Season Retreat Online!

    An American Stupa - Gallery | Dedicating a new Buddhist monument

    An American Stupa - Gallery

    Dedicating An American Stupa - Live Today! |Tune in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We’ll be posting pictures and (internet permitting!) some audio and video too. We’ll be live between 11am-1pm EST, 3-5pm UK, 8.30-10.30pm Mumbai, 4-6am Wellington, 2-4am Sydney.

    Dedicating An American Stupa - Live Today!

    Hsuan Tsang - evoked in the opening talk given in the Sangharakshita Library...

    The Sangharakshita Library opens | The Buddhist Centre

    Avalokiteshvara thangka in the Sangharakshita Library - now open!

    The Sangharakshita Library opens | The Buddhist Centre

    Suvajra's Seasonal - No 2, Autumn: Facing Gods And Demons. An extended reflection on both his relationship with his teacher and on the Chöd practice. In this meditation one faces down one's own gods and demons to see through to a life of deep harmony and kindness.

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    Buddhist Voices - Amalavajra, Banker to Buddhist! How do you go from investment banker to full-time Buddhist practitioner? Here's how... A New Year's tale of transformation.

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    What Is Meditation? Sparkling New Video From The LBC The groovy team at the London Buddhist Centre keep their great new Dharma content coming with this new video on meditation - a brilliant introduction to the power of conscious change in your life! Watch more in the LBC ‘What Is?’ series: Meditate online with us! www.thebuddhistce...

    What is Meditation?

    A wonderful conversation with Amitasuri who has overcome huge health difficulties to train and work as a Buddhist Chaplain in the UK. Her passion for the vocational side of chaplaincy is inspiring and infectious, and it's moving to hear how her own situation has allowed her to be present - truly present - with people suffering greatly, and to make a difference in that way. More like this: www.thebuddhistce...

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    An overview of the 2014 Preceptors’ College meeting featuring a message from Sangharakshita, a Skype between Vajragita and the other preceptors just over a week before her death, and some insights into discussions about Direct Pointing, Discipleship and the Commonality process (ie. what we have in common as practitioners within the same very diverse, international community!). It's pretty great! For more, follow www.thebuddhistce...

    College meeting Nov 2014

    Many thanks to Joe Richardson, Sumana, and Munisha for drawing our attention to this lovely Soundcloud compilation of Sangharakshita’s poems set to folk music and beautifully sung! Poetry of Sangharakshita set to music and sung by Joe Richardson. Secret Wings and Pilgrim have tunes by Dh Sumana whose playing inspired me to start this, Winter in the Hills has a traditional Irish tune.

    The Starriness of Things

    Facing cancer with courage - free eBook on iBooks, Issuu, Scribd...

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    Suraj, Windhorse:Evolution's Management Accountant reflects on his last 10 years with the company explaining why he continues to enjoy and be inspired by his time with Evolution. #EthicalChristmas

    Why I work for Evolution Stores by Suraj - #EthicalChristmas

    Inside Windhorse Publications. We’re delighted this week to welcome on board our #EthicalChristmas campaign the team at Windhorse Publications in Cambridge, UK! All week we’ll be bringing you news of their great Right Livelihood efforts to bring life-changing books and eBooks to market at affordable prices for the holidays.

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    How do you develop and safeguard a worldwide spiritual community? +follow all week from Adhisthana! #Triratna

    +Follow the Public Preceptors' Meeting Now! | The Buddhist Centre

    The second part of Suvajra talking about his early days as a Buddhist in the 1970s. Great stuff! More here: thebuddhistcentre...

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    Five Colourful Buddhas. Come lively up yourself with #meditation Tuesday 2.30pm EST/7.30pm UK

    Refreshing The Heart - Week 4 | The Buddhist Centre

    Beautiful Buddha's - available and affordable as part of our #ethicalchristmas campaign! thebuddhistcentre...

    Five Things About Evolution | The Buddhist Centre

    Urgyen Sangharakshita with water lily flowers... Happy 89th Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Bhante Sangharakshita! | The Buddhist Centre