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Over the next five days we’ll be offering as much live coverage as we can muster from the 2016 International Order Convention. Talks, mantras, podcasts, pictures, videos - here on The Buddhist Centre Online and around our social media channels. If you aren’t able to be here we’ll try and bring you a flavour of this great gathering of the Order that occurs every three years or so, with glimpses of its breadths and depths as an event.

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This week the fourth Triratna International Council take place at Adhisthana. This great biennial gathering is now a central feature of the creative life of our Order and Community, as inspiring Order members gather from every continent to help shape the practice life of our sangha around the world...

2016 International Council - Live Coverage!

Happy Buddha Day 2016 Everybody! Padmavajra evokes the qualities of the Buddha, and explores how seeing into the marks of existence is the best way to realise who and what the Buddha really was. Buddha Day Talk given in Birmingham, UK, 2016 (Picture by Bodhidasa)

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FAB interview + Q & A about what it means to explore gender diversity as a Buddhist in Triratna and in society at large.

Gender Diverse Sangha As Buddhists

£120 Retreat Incentive from Karuna - we all win! Anyone who makes a referral that leads to a successful participant/volunteer in the upcoming Karuna Telephone Campaign will be rewarded £120 towards any Triratna retreat that they would like to attend. So, if you are unable to join the campaign yourself, it’s time to spread the word to all your contacts and friends! 30th May 2016 - 8th July, London - Save the date!

Karuna Phone Campaign

Maitreyabandhu talks to Archbishop Rowan Williams, poet On 19th March, Poetry East, at the London Buddhist Centre, UK, welcomed poet Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. Maitreyabandhu interviewed him. He writes: “We invited Dr Rowan Williams - Archbishop of Canterbury 2002-12, currently Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge - to talk about poetry, faith, religion and suffering. Here he is in the main shrine room of the LBC, talking to me about his life, his poetry and his…

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The Centro Budista de Cuernavaca is about an hour south of Mexico City. Founded in the historic centre of the city in 2013 by Akashavajri, Saddhajoti, and Nagapriya, to accommodate its growing sangha it recently moved to a comfortable house with a large garden and several rooms for a small residential community; not to mention a swimming pool too!

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Vajratara in full flight as she engages head-on with the tricky but fruitful areas of money & power when considered in the context of the Dharma.

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Mokshini in conversations with Dassini, Chair of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in Scotland, to introduce the whys and wherefores of the Triratna European Chairs Assembly. A focus on how things work - particularly around friendship and practice as a community.

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Jnanavaca, offering a far-reaching and uncompromising vision of human fellowship based on transcendental ideals. With reference to sangha, terrorism, romance, consumerism and Star Wars…

Jnanavaca - What the World Needs Now

Connect, Meditate, Connect - Tuesday Online #meditation 2.30pm EST/7.30pm UK - get your #mindfulness on in the holidays.

Connect, Meditate, Connect - Tuesday Meditations, Week Two

All this week, amazing resources for Buddhist parents! Meditations, talks, blogs. Come and join in and share your experience! and Picture by Cait Hughes

Buddhism and Meditation for Parents - Online This Weekend!

Live Web Talk - Getting Radical, Then And Now | The Buddhist Centre. 6/6/15 - be there!

Live Web Talk - Getting Radical, Then And Now

#farewellwindhorse On Saturday April 18th between 2-6pm UK / 9am-1pm EST we'll be live streaming from the final gathering and celebration of Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge, UK. If you can't make it to the day itself, we hope to see you online and share some last memories of a big part of Triratna history...

#farewellwindhorse: Saying Goodbye, Live from Cambridge

Happy 47th Birthday to the Triratna Buddhist Order. Here's Sangharakshita conducting the first ever ordinations, April 7th 1968. #Triratna | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Follow our live stream from the closing ritual at Windhorse:Evolution: Facebook ( or on Instagram (@buddhistcenter) or Tumblr (thebuddhistcentre). Moving stuff to witness the end of such an important collective, co-operative institution for #Triratna. 

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The Buddhist Centre Online

Windhorse:Evolution's Final Ritual - Live On The Buddhist Centre Online | The Buddhist Centre

Windhorse:Evolution's Final Ritual - Live On The Buddhist Centre Online

Five Buddha Mandala by Aloka. Follow a Rainy Season retreat online - teachings and blogs from Bristol Buddhist Centre in the UK on the Brahma Viharas... March 13th-21st! Email us your own mandala pictures to be featured on Instagram!

Living In The Mandala - Rainy Season Retreat Online!

An American Stupa - Gallery | Dedicating a new Buddhist monument

An American Stupa - Gallery

Dedicating An American Stupa - Live Today! |Tune in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We’ll be posting pictures and (internet permitting!) some audio and video too. We’ll be live between 11am-1pm EST, 3-5pm UK, 8.30-10.30pm Mumbai, 4-6am Wellington, 2-4am Sydney.

Dedicating An American Stupa - Live Today!

Hsuan Tsang - evoked in the opening talk given in the Sangharakshita Library...

The Sangharakshita Library opens | The Buddhist Centre

Avalokiteshvara thangka in the Sangharakshita Library - now open!

The Sangharakshita Library opens | The Buddhist Centre

Suvajra's Seasonal - No 2, Autumn: Facing Gods And Demons. An extended reflection on both his relationship with his teacher and on the Chöd practice. In this meditation one faces down one's own gods and demons to see through to a life of deep harmony and kindness.

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Buddhist Voices - Amalavajra, Banker to Buddhist! How do you go from investment banker to full-time Buddhist practitioner? Here's how... A New Year's tale of transformation.

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What Is Meditation? Sparkling New Video From The LBC The groovy team at the London Buddhist Centre keep their great new Dharma content coming with this new video on meditation - a brilliant introduction to the power of conscious change in your life! Watch more in the LBC ‘What Is?’ series: Meditate online with us!

What is Meditation?