Muscle Cars That Should Have Been | Photoshopped Mercury Cougar Fastback

A custom Mercury Cougar Fastback. If Carol Shelby ever made a Mercury, this would be it.

Ford Mustang Boss, 1971

Ford Mustang Boss, 1971

Known as the First Generation Mustang from 1964 to Quickly became hot seller and copied by many. By the late Ford lost their swagger with the "Pony" car and launched a redesign for 1974 yea

1972 boat-tail Buick Riviera, view from above

1972 boat-tail Buick Riviera, view from above.freakin love that back window

1972 Torino

1972 ford gran torino sport category - Backgrounds In High Quality - 1972 ford gran torino sport wallpaper

Hmmm, a sting-rey for the water.

1967 CORVETTE STINGRAY JET BOAT/ neither car nor bike, yet pays homage to one of the great corvette designs of the I wouldn't mind a boat like this in my garage!

VW Bus AT-AT Imperial Walker. I think my mind was just blown.

This awesome Volkswagen AT -AT Walker is created by a fan of Star Wars and Volkswagen camper vans. Amazing huge sculpture that features a Volkswagen bus

Corvette Stingray Concept.

Fancy - 2011 Corvette Stingrays (back) split window. Love the concept! Throwing it back to