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Humorous photos of two dogs and a pig living together like they are three dogs. This pig has some identity crisis.thought they were all dogs at first!

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I love boxers!

Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! My boxer (Reesie) is the same way!

This.... is just about the sweetest thing i've ever seen. Why can't people get along like animals?

So a Puppy Met a Herd of Cows… and It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

So sweet! The cows are so gentle and curious, Lucy the Boxer so patient and trusting. Too bad people rarely get along like this!

Haha. What a good human trainer that horse is! #horsehumor


Horse Wins this animal is funny , another funny animal picture. From the site of the animal pics check back for more funny animals

Giant Carrots

Silly Horse those aren't carrots! Giant carrots have to get both at same time…

Craig Ferguson   Best Interview Ever Robin Williams)

▶ Robin Williams on Craig Ferguson. Two of my favorite comedians of all time! I love watching Ferguson/Williams interviews;

Robin Williams On American Idol

There’s a muscle-car war brewing in Detroit these days. Right as the handling-champion goes out of production, Ford delivers a Shelby-badged suckerpunch.

Robin Williams on Golf and Scots

Hilarious scene from his standup gig a few year ago where he describes golf in a Scottish accent.

Tyler Perry's Madea Gets A Job - Clip

When a judge orders Madea to do 20 hours of community service at a local retirement home, the residents and staff are not ready for her special brand of "the.