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(Potion of love) She stared into the princes eyes, she knew he was evil, she saw him working with spells and witchcraft, and she knew he has put a spell on her.

Hannah Nelson is portrayed by Georgie Henley. Hannah is incredibly smart, her intelligence being far above her classmates and teachers but can be lazy with her studies. She is Helena's girlfriend and Mark's best friend.

20 Child Stars Who Have Neville Longbottomed Pretty Damn Hard

Georgie Henley - Lucy, from the Narnia movies. She was cute in the first movie (reminds me of my daughter). Now she's becoming a beautiful young woman.

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Hazal Kaya - All Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (November 2013)

Hazal Kaya - All Magazine Pictorial [Turkey] (November - FamousFix

Yaprak Dökümü'nde dikkat çektikten sonra Araf filmindeki harika performansıyla başarı adımlarını hızla atmakta olduğunu göstermiş olan Neslihan Atagül, Star'da yayınlanacak olan Kara Sevda dizisinde başrolleri Burak Özçivit ile paylaşıyor.

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"We are not amused."

"We are not amused." (i swear, this is the face Gertrude made for half the Ventrue meetings.