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This contour line drawing has a softened and more loose feel with depth created through watercolour shading.

De très beaux dessins, site à voir et à revoir, ambiance japonaise

This drawing explores the use of different line direction through shadow and depth. It uses varying line techniques by drawing them close together or far apart or utilising different line thicknesses.


The details representing architecture through an urban street with an amazing perspective. Enjoy - Perspective drawing: feels like it should in narrative: get the feeling of looming and moving through a story

Patrick Jouin et Sanjit Manku, du studio Jouin Manku, signent le design intérieur de l’hôtel et de la brasserie des Haras de Strasbourg. En ...

Jouin Manku transformed Louis XV’s horse farm into a hotel and brasserie in Strasbourg, France. Brasserie les Haras now occupies the royal stables; the Hôtel les Haras is opposite. Photography by.

画说同济 hand renderings

A cloudy blue sky can often be mimmicked with some simple light blue strokes and showing detail through transparent surfaces gives a powerful effect.