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could i pull this off as an alternative to buying cute summer tops. with jeans, heels. or even teaching contemporary or choreographing. t-shirts of old boyfriends, here i come.

love this outfit DIY. tie bottom top- for sorority shirts cute outfit great beach outfit!

Mad for a lace up corset tee? // DIY Lace Up Corset Tee

Corset Tee Hug those curves with this punky corset t-shirt craft.

Rating: 6/10 DIY halter - Winner! Why didn't I do this sooner? The tutorial calls for a medium shirt, but I found a small was a better fit. Also, don't make this out of a white shirt unless your making a beach top (SUPER SEE THROUGH). Otherwise, great refashion / upcycle project that took less than 10 minutes! :) WARNING: Be careful with your cuts! My shirt is a little off-center but I can fix it easy.

Hey Elizabeth Here is a t-shirt idea for your for Relay shirt --- Wobisobi: No Sew, Tee Shirt- Tied Halter, DIY

Chic Look with a Cut Out Shirt – DIY

Chic Look with a Cut Out Shirt - DIY

Chic Look with a Cut Out Shirt – DIY - black shirts for mens, mens shirts, shirt printing *ad

DIY cutout bandeau tutorial

DIY cutout bandeau tutorial, i hate bandeaus, but this is amazing

diy: corset jeans

Crafts That Take a lot of Your Time and May or May Not be Worth It / diy: corset jeans on We Heart It