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Lisa Stenström
Lisa Stenström

Lisa Stenström

I am a foodie. I love creativity. Mix them together, even better. I love colorful eye makeup and cool manicures (and colorful hair when I can get away with it).

They taste like reg candy corn and first, but do finish with a marshmallow graham flavor..but i think if u eat them by color, each color is one of the smores components!

Yum. Better than the breyers one, imo.

Veggie flower bouquet: use grape tomatoes, cut an "X" in the top and fill with flavored cream cheese. Use green onions for your stems. SO FUN!

Bought these last week. F21 jelly thong sandal.. good way to play with the jelly trend w/o too much sweaty jelly!

Just bought this dress at target ($24.99 -$5coupon) and thought it'd go great with the silver holo sandals I bought last week at F21 ($14.80). :)

Maybelline baby lips! Yes I have them all! I wear these EVERYDAY. I was super excited for the limited edition, but unfortunately the color payoff is nothing like the original colors..except maybe coral crush. Still yummy! Still use em.

I'm calling these unicorn nails. Off white base with cherimoya electric heaven

Mercury mist topaz in white gold with cz accents. My bf bought me this! I want my engagement ring to have this stone also (have loved it for ten years!) This ring from many styles and options available (ex: this also in sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and w diamonds).

Bottom of foot manta ray tattoo. One year old, minimal fading considering the location! I am pleased :)

Bummin' it with flair. Oversized tokidoki bastardino pullover, studded wrap bracelet, sequin floral slip-ons.

Want, want, want, want! Tokidoki is my obsession. Cacti animals (bastardino, Carina, truffle, and porcino), dreamcatcher, marvel.

Suede wedge cut-out lace-up ankle sandle from charlotte russe, $38.50 (bought on sale for $20!) LOVE. Was on the hunt for these but didn't wanna pay a lot..good things come to those who wait!

Ulta Vintage Violet: Just bought this on sale for only $2!! (Excuse the reddish cuticles, I remember why I don't like red polish so much!) I think this would look cool with Essie Play Date tips...but I gotta go buy it first, next purchase =P

Flouncy Mint Bodycon Dress: Just bought this dress from f21, only $22.80 (and I had a $21 giftcard from my b-day so super score!)..not sure when I'll get to wear it, but I couldn't pass it up!

Cupcake Popcornopolis (got it at Old Navy)

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée: a delicious autumnal dessert. It was perfect as a pumpkin pie alternative.

now i want chocolate...