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Benito Mussolini (left) and Adolf Hitler (right)

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The Real Von Trapp children: (L-R) Martina, Johanna, Hedwig, Werner, Maria…

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Charles Martel ("the Hammer of God") aka: The Savior of Europe - He was actually "Duke and Prince of the Franks" and Charlemagne's grandfather. Gorgeous artwork - wow.

Charles Martel: The Hammer

The National Archives Image library | Home page

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Family Tree Scrapbook Ideas | Aunts extended family tree | Digital Scrapbooking at Scrapbook Flair

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Casa di Giulietta

The famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, Italy. Seriously, I mean…

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State Street. Chicago, Illinois 1903

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Dr. Omalu and family. The brilliant doctor that discovered CTE in pro football players. Will Smith played him in the 2015 movie "Concussion."


The FRONTLINE Interview: Dr. Bennet Omalu – League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis - FRONTLINE

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O.J. Simpson Likely Suffers from CTE, Says ‘Concussion’ Doctor Bennet Omalu

O.J. Simpson Likely Suffers from CTE, Says ‘Concussion’ Doctor Bennet Omalu

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The NFL's most controversial concussion doctor is retiring

The NFLs most controversial concussion doctor is retiring

The NFL’s most controversial concussion doctor is retiring

This is so true. I want to go back, but no matter what, I'll always be a veteran. So much respect for those who have served or currently serving

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Norman Rockwell’s Rare Illustrations for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Norman Rockwell’s Rare Illustrations for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | Brain Pickings

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Al Capone & his mother

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Famous Chicago gangster Big Jim Colosimo and his girlfriend Dale Winter Colosimo were killed in 1920. His death made room for Al Capone to take over in Chicago.

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Bugsy Siegel and Virginia Hill : Virginia Hill - Girlfriend to the Mob. No woman personified the mob girlfriend more than Virginia Hill, a.k.a. The Flamingo. A sharp-tongued Georgia peach with enough sass and guts to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Frank Nitti, Al Capone, Joe Adonis and eventually Benny Siegel, Virginia was passed along from mobster to mobster but always managed to keep her status on the A-list of underworld women.

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Chicago mobster Sam Giancana and girlfriend Phyllis McGuire of the famous singing group the McGuire Sisters. Ever mistrustful, Giancana hired ex FBI & CIA resource Bob Maheu to spy on her and other women, including JFK's mistress Judith Campbell.

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Virginia Hill (1916-1966) was one of the most famous female mobsters. She was a courier for the national crime syndicate, moving thousands of dollars from one mobster to the next, even overseas. She purportedly slept with many gangsters, but was Bugsy Siegel's girlfriend. She fled to Austria after the Government went after her for tax evasion. She died on the ski slopes of Salzburg, Austria after ingesting a heavy dose of sleeping pills. She was 49 years old.

Virginia Hill (1916 - 1966) - Find A Grave Photos

Lester J. Gillis (aka: "Baby Face" Nelson) was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 1908. He started in crime at the age of 13, and worked for Al Capone. He was arrested in 1931 but escaped and began a series of bank robberies, two with John Dillinger.

Baby Face Nelson Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story

Helen Gillis, wife of Baby Face Nelson

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Connie Mohney

Dion O'Banion and wife

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Tony Accardo's Wife | ... the Mob. Mob Boss Tony Accardo: Tony Accardo and his wife, Clarice

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Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, his son Jack Dempsey ("Jackie"), and his ex-wife Ruby. From: The Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd by Jeffery S. King

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Vito Guardalabene (August 26, 1845 – February 6, 1921) was a Sicilian mafioso and the founder of the Milwaukee crime family. Guardalabene was born in Sant’ Elia, Valli di Palermo, Sicily. He was allegedly made a mafioso in his native Sicily and was married on 14 December, 1878, Sant’ Elia, Province of Palermo to a woman by the name of Giuseppa Alioto (she is believed to have been related to another future Milwaukee crime boss John Alioto, who ruled the Milwaukee mob from 1952-1961)…

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Friends comfort gangster Frankie Yale's ex-wife at the gangster's funeral.

Friends comfort gangster Frankie Yale's ex-wife at the gangster's...