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LSW exam prep

This along with some study got me ready to pass the test. I can't say enough about the acronyms fareafi and aaspirins! Use them (they're on here).
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These two acronyms help social workers succeed in their social work LMSW licensing exam by prioritizing their interventions and/or work with clients.

The Two Secret LMSW Exam Acronyms You Must Know

Social Work Licensing Exam Prep Made Easy: Diagnosis on the Social Work Licensing Exam (Continued)

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Comparison chart of educational Psychology Theorists | Specific Treatment Approaches

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Flash Cards - Ego Defense Mechanisms

Psych - Ego Defense Mechanism

Core Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

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Social Work Exam Quiz: Name the SSRI!

Pass the ASWB Exam: Social Work Exam Quiz: Name the SSRI

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Theories of Human Behavior

Theories of Human Behavior || focus & main concepts | Social Work Scrapbook

Theories of Human Behavior || focus & main concepts

I wanted to share with you something that I have made for myself to use for my clinical practice. It is intended to help me with my documentation via note-taking. I would like to take the opportuni...

Note-Taking Templates for Clinical Social Work

Emerging Measures from DSM-5

Online Assessment Measures |

Counseling - Emotional Relationships GENOGRAM

Emotional Relationships - GenoPro

Beck Institute Blog | Cognitive Behavior Therapy News

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LCSW test prep with SWTP ( Congratulations, Cathaleen!

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Great site for worksheets!

Therapist Aid: Therapy Worksheets, Tools, and Handouts

Personality Disorders

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Cycle of Violence

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Chart of Jean Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

Erikson's Stages of Development Chart |

Five Stages of Grief

The Transition of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - Peak Oil Blues

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The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Healthy body, healthy mind...licensing exam success! (The 7-Minute Workout @ NYT)

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

New full, real-time, 170-question ASWB practice exam now available! Practice makes licensed!

Social Work Test Prep

Ask SWTP: Where to Start, What to Read?

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Social Work Licensing 101: MSW to CSW to LCSW Seminar (slides are here:

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Common Types of Drugs

Common Types of Drugs : Rice University Well Being

Family Therapy

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"How I Passed the ASWB Exam" (from

Pass the ASWB Exam: "How I Passed the ASWB Exam"

Stumped by something on or about the social work exam? Write for answers!

Ask SWTP | Social Work Test Prep