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björk's "stonemilker" is at ps1 until May 23 every Thursday-Monday between 12 and 6 p.m. Come for björk, stay for the virtual head set.

Adrienne Truscott's "Asking For It," April 11th and 18th, is a show staring her vagina and little else at Joe's Pub in NYC. It's rating was so high it broke our BRA-ometer

Feminist Ben & Jerry's Flavors Are Making Us Hungry For Gender Equality

10 Times Agent Scully Swept Us Off Our Feet To Celebrate X-Files' Return

You Are My Choice. I Am Not Your Privilege," Say The Indian Women In This Moving Campaign

These IUD-Shaped Bike Racks In Oregon Make Us Want To Bust Out The 10-Speed

For every man in your life: Consent-Themed Underwear: #ASKFIRST – Feminist Style

We are loving this consent-themed underwear: TALK TO ME – Feminist Style

Neon Moon Bra "Non!" in navy blue.

League of Ladies Amelia Earhart hipster

This 'MBAC' Tote Bag say it all! | Father John Misty official storefront powered by Merchline.

Father John Misty seems madly in love on his new album "I Love You, HoneyBear." #fatherjohnmisty #album

They Came Together - The Shop Around the Corner gets another look when Amy Poehler plays an independent store owner whose business is being chased down by classy, big-time businessman Paul Rudd. Of course, just as we saw in You've Got Mail, they end up falling for each other in this retelling of a quirky love story. #amypoehler #comingsoon #netflix

Halt & Catch Fire, season 1: Lee Pace plays Joe, a bisexual tech genius in 1980s Silicone Prairie. While questioning college students, Cameron (Mackenzie Davis), a fiery prodigy, contradicts his well established beliefs. During the fast-paced PC revolution, the two quickly become involved in a maddening love-hate relationship that helps drive the show. If you enjoy period pieces, strong female leads, and intriguing computer coded love then don't shy away from this series. #comingsoon #netflix

The Babadook - A women mourning the loss of her husband is faced with a storybook monster after her unwieldy son finds a children's book that has mysteriously appeared in their home. Grappling with her grief, Amelia (Essie Davis) is threatened by the Babadook character until she reaches a point of hysteria. Only then does she realize exactly what she's up against. Written by Jennifer Kent, The Babadook, dook, dook, dook, will have you looking over your shoulder all night.

Goodbye to Language - Jean Luc-Goddard brings new shades of color (literally) to a well-worn, favorite subject. In this 2014 film, the audience, led by a wandering dog, witness the construction and destruction that comes with a new relationship. Two tales spin as we learn the metaphor of "adieu"; a word meaning both "hello" and "goodbye." #comingsoon #netflix #romance

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night - At night a siren-like woman skates through Bad City, a worn-down and dangerous town in Iran. You might mistake this new Netflix add as Vice's most recent homage to the subdued woman of Islam if you just look at the movie's cover, but don't be fooled. Written and directed by Ana Lilly Amipour, A Girl Walks Home... is shown only in black and white and is actually a vampire flick. Our woman of the night preys upon unsuspected men who disrespect females.

Kink - Christina Voros teams up with James Franco to pull the mysterious velvet curtains back on the world's largest supplier of BDSM content, It sheds light on Kink's ironclad expectations for consent and safety, as well as their desire to educate others about the BDSM community's reality. It isn't all ropes and whips, there's a lot of thought provoking matters addressed in this must watch documentary. #bdsm #comingsoon #netflix

X-Files has been signed to make 6 new episodes! We're ready for ya, Scully.

There's no getting around the fact that Mo'Ne Davis is a good person: check out what she did by clicking through!

It may have taken 70 years, but Dior finally has a black female representative - Rihanna!

Amy Sedaris never fails to make us laugh. Check out more great gifs from her show "Strangers" by clicking through!