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A giant statue that looks like a lit up soccer ball is the central attraction at the Winterlude Pavilion in Ottawa, Canada.

A giant ball of light statue that lights up the dark at the Winterlude Pavilion in Ottawa, Canada.

The Withings Home is a device that lets you see what is going on in your home in real time. It has tones of cool features including a sensor that detects pollutants.

The Marimekko Spring 2015 - inspired by nature, the pillows add color and style to any space.

The Marimekko Spring 2015 Collection- fresh, stylish and colorful.

The Basso Collection includes beautiful two toned frames such as the Duckworth model

Looking for great looking frames-check out the Basso Collection. Chic, affordable and very trendy.

A fun rural house in Sweden. The house is ecological and made from recycled materials.

An A shaped summer house in rural Sweden. The home is made from reclaims materials and is very ecological.

A small 40 square meter apartment packed with style. The interior design beautifully blends old and new.

Look how much style can be packed into a small apartment. This one is only he rich space of only 40 sq.m!

The Stacked Shelf System - the perfect solution for those who want versatile, stylish and modern shelving.

The Stacked Shelf System - the perfect solution for beautifully displaying your books and ornaments.

A modern cottage by the sea that is uniquely composed of three pavilions.

A modern beach home comprised of three slightly different pavilions

A bedroom with a cathedral ceilings. It has wood floors and tree side windows that make it warm and inviting.

Beautiful interior design that has large windows and high ceilings.

The Buddy Lamp is the winner of the Northern Lighting Student Award for 2015. It is unique since it has an attached cup for pencils and has a low profile, minimalistic shape.

The Buddy Lamp - a designer lamp that won the Northern Lighting Student Award for 2015. The lamp was chosen because it has an original design with a strong concept and characteristic form which challenges the existing lighting design standards, shapes and functions. Unlike typical lamps, Buddy has an attached storage unit that is ideal for keeping pencils and pens and small office supplies.

A modern house in Toronto. Unlike most of its traditional neighbors, the facade is modern, inviting, and transparent.

A modern house built in a Victorian neighborhood in Toronto. The house is just 20 feet wide and 120 feet long.

A cool hostel in Berlin- the rooms are stylish and sturdy with timber floors and wall panels. Under bed storage keeps shared rooms tidy.

The Hostel Berlin Mitte with a library lounge that is fresh and bright with two enormous leather sofas and cool industrial lamps.

The Trestle Desk- a unique desk with two hidden storage compartments. The top of each compartment has a corkboard so you can easily place notes and pictures on them.

An inviting open dinning room and living room with honey colored timber floors and white walls.The black framed windows, terrace door, and wood burning stove are well placed punctuation marks in the subdued scheme.