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Kazım Büyükün

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Kazım Büyükün
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Duel sword belt. For two one handed swords

Functional Clothing Research Dual Sword Belt via Etsy. The ring at the back allows the weight of the swords to distribute evenly across the bearer's hips, and the angled frogs make drawing the swords much easier.

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". - WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I DIDN'T KNOW IT LOOKED LIKE WINGS!!!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.


Gargoyles in Pop Culture: Pick Five - Performers from Productions portraying gargoyles in Providence, RI.


I pinned this illustration because is shouls the development of the side of a piece of architecture. In this picture orders and capitals xan be seen as well as the promenient gargoyles of the time period which were used as waterspouts.

GARGOYLS & Architectural Art

New York City Dragon" Photography art prints and posters by Monica .