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Previously-Announced Zombie Video Games

Techland Unveils Free-Running Zombie Survival Game Dying Light for PC, Xbox One & Current-Gen

Is The Walking Dead the best Program of the Year? Well TCA may say so!

Well it looks as if the Television Critics Association has put The Walking Dead forward as the best Program of the Year in this year's award ceremony.

Zombie Defense Trailer

Need a new defense game? Zombie Defense has you covered as the latest and greatest in zombie defense games! It's got zombies!

Real Friends Help You Kill Zombies Shirt

The zombie apocalypse comes while you are hanging out with some of your best friends. Are these the type that will offer you shelter or run for their lives?

Plants vs. Zombies Crew Socks

Sometimes you see a product come out and just assume it's a cash grab. I love Plants vs Zombies. The idea of zombie themed socks is great.

zombie mario Zombie Mario and Yoshi Shirt

Actually Zombie Wario (with a side of Zombie Yoshi!) Available at Red Bubble

MREs: Ready-Made and Home-Made, The pros and cons

Most of us know what an MRE is, a Meal, Ready to Eat or as I’ve heard, Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Rejected by Ethiopians or Meals Ready to be Expelled.

Skin Trade Review

What is Skin Trade about? Hiding as a boy in a zombie ridden wild west, Samantha is thrust into the service of the skin trade;