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Are you even slightly bothered by this thumb?

  • Maddy Madsen
    Maddy Madsen

    I just tried to do this and my thumb made a disturbing pop sound (°_°)

  • Kaylee :)
    Kaylee :)

    I can do this

  • Kenna 😜
    Kenna 😜

    I can I'm double jointed in my thumbs a lot

First, we unwrapped the hamburgers.Here’s What A McWhopper Actually Looks Like

How do you feel about this harmless hand holding a Dasani?

  • Hannah Holtz
    Hannah Holtz

    This makes me so uncomfortable lol

  • Georgia Dahm
    Georgia Dahm

    Ew Nickie Vertigan

  • Lauren Sibley
    Lauren Sibley

    omg! Didn't see it at first from small picture but when I clicked and it enlarged.

  • Tara Robbins
    Tara Robbins


  • Bill Caputi
    Bill Caputi

    Weird stuff....

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