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You may have heard some people complain that birth control killed their sex drive. Maybe you've even thought it yourself.

Way too heavy to carry into a new relationship.

  • Oona

    why have baggage if you can just blame everyone else: i.e. blame that ex for packing all your stuff and placing them at the front door - not because you cheated on him, and that you humiliated him in front of his parents when they attended your grandfather's funeral; it's just because he was "weird" for packing all your stuff.

Are you yawning yet?

  • Gillian Eddington
    Gillian Eddington

    I didn't yawn.

  • Anna Broadbridge
    Anna Broadbridge

    I didn't! Probably because I just had a HUGE frothy hot chocolate

No shame in yawning. / Can You Get Through This Post Without Yawning Once?

  • Karrine Ortiz
    Karrine Ortiz

    Didn't yawn!!!!!

  • Sadie Laurel
    Sadie Laurel

    No yawning. but i smiled a little bit

  • Meleficent :):):)
    Meleficent :):):)

    Didn't even yawn

  • Gillian Eddington
    Gillian Eddington

    Didn't yawn but that's hilarious

  • Elisabeth


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  • Grace Parmer
    Grace Parmer

    Aramish Khan HAHA CLICK ON THE PIC

  • Gracie Harrison
    Gracie Harrison

    Samantha Mormando

  • Ava Hudson
    Ava Hudson

    Lol omw omg

Master the art of the "dad joke," then make as many of them as often as possible.