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When you try to make an appointment that even remotely works with your class schedule.

When you come in hungover AF but you're trying to pull it together because you're actually sick, too.

27 Things That Happen When You Go To A College Health Clinic

23 Horror Stories From Nurses That'll Make You Squirm

You have to stop gif | Lady Gaga

Apparently a buttload of BuzzFeed readers have faked an orgasm!

23 Horror Stories From Nurses That'll Make You Squirm

7 People Who Learned The Hard Way Why You Shouldn't Mess With Bees

  • Ella Leith
    Ella Leith

    Amy xie Beth Clarke harriet grace Annabel Wright

  • {| []  Sascha   | Harmon  [] |}
    {| [] Sascha | Harmon [] |}

    ew lol

  • Bella Weary
    Bella Weary

    I've never been stung by a bee

  • Bella Weary
    Bella Weary


19 Things You'll Always Miss If You Used To Be An Athlete

  • Jesse Alderson
    Jesse Alderson


No one will want to eat your sandwich if it's safely stowed in this lunchbox.

17 Photos That'll Give You Major Ass Inspiration

  • Lourdes maria S. Baeza
    Lourdes maria S. Baeza

    So funny!!

This adorable pin, tho. Eat them fruits!

This adorable pin, tho. Eat them fruits!

When you remember to put a few vegetables in your grocery basket.

25 Unbelievably Awkward Locker Room Horror Stories

You may have heard some people complain that birth control killed their sex drive. Maybe you've even thought it yourself.

  • Lawson Lee
    Lawson Lee

    Maybe because not having sex in the first place is the best birth control

Baby oil does not belong near your genitals.

Coffee mug gift for your friend who runs the world.

Gift for your boss. (JK, don't do that.)

For your ~*~sarcastic~*~ friend.

I've been carrying this around since high school.

For the person who really can't be bothered.