newborn photography

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night sky

Funny pictures about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Also, Just a nighttime stroll through the woods photos.

Laundry room

I like the boxed in component. would use this just inside the door of my new room. although my washer will not be a part of this, I love the idea of laundry baskets slid in, Ironing board on the wall and the drying rack above. Simple ideas and functional.

photographing advice by months of age.

How to photograph baby's first year

Baby infant child photography advice by age in months! Photos to highlight the developmental stage and milestones they have reached :)

Mum & Dad hands

newborn picture with parents' hands. Omg & kings hand holding baby up from the middle!

Japanese dwarf flying squirrels.

I present you Japanese dwarf flying squirrels. Chubby little guys. They are actually gliders, I believe. Nice bunch of squirrels. Dwarf squirrels who glide tree to tree. I like 'em some.

world map

If you had the "world in the palm of your hands", what would you do? Spreading the word of God to other in OUR hands. The world is in the palm of your hands thankful for world at your fingertips Thankful to have the world at my fingertips

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