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Semi-Precious Gemstone Chart

Ever wanted to know what that pretty stone is called? Identify many types of semi-precious gemstones using this handy visual pin-board chart.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Chart

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Semi precious stone chart 2

A handful of the semi-precious gemstones that we carry, set in fashion jewelry, at our stores.

Labradorite Cabochons – History and Gemstone Lore

Labradorite Cabochons – History and Gemstone Lore

Tiger’s Eye Cabochons – Gemstone History and Lore

Tiger’s Eye Cabochons – Gemstone History and Lore

Black Sardonyx cabochon cut stones for jewelry making. These remind me of licorice all sorts.

Black Sardonyx Cabochons 30x22mm Oval 1pc -

Beautiful blue impression jasper cabochons. The freeform cut looks great with wire-wrapping techniques.

Freeform Blue Impression Jasper Cabochons

Sparkling Amethyst colored cubic zirconia gemstones. The deep purple hue fits in well with fall's deeper hues.

world's largest emerald (I swear this looks like kryptonite.)

11.5-kg emerald up for auction in Kelowna

Rutilated Quartz

AMAZING 2.6" Rutilated Quartz Rock Carved Crystal Skull


New Jade, also known as New China Jade or Serpentine. This lovely pale green color is semi-translucent and like all jade, has a waxy soft shine.

Kyanite: A silvery blue mineral that is found naturally in bladed crystals. While it can be very pretty, most of the time it's used for industrial heat proofing applications.

Hematite: A metallic silvery steel grey mineral that is most composed of iron. It's very heavy, and cold to the touch.

Redcreek Jasper has such great patterns. Love the pencil-like markings!

Black Sardonyx - My first impulse is always to put these in my mouth! They remind me so much of the old fashioned strip licorice candies!

Blue Abalone - Made from the inner pearly layer of the abalone shell, this product has been dyed a deep blue and covered with a clear coat to protect the surface.

Red Abalone - Not strictly a gemstone, Abalone is a type of shell that is often used for decorative purposes. This abalone has been dyed red and given a clear protective coating.

Amazonite Cabochons - Soft bluegreen stone. The chinese version is light blue, but the russian version is more dark teal.

Malachite - Gorgeous soft green gemstone . Supposedly this can be somewhat dangerous to cut, so leave the lapidary on this to the professionals.

Turquoise - One of the favorite semiprecious gemstones across many cultures. Turquoise even comes in different colors such as green and yellow, or may have veins, flecks of pyrite or other distinctive features depending on where it was mined.

Pietersite - A type of quartz stone that is found in Africa and China. The quartz has often been folded or broken and fractured and contains chaotically swirled and fragmented fibers of tiger eye in several colors.

Cape Amethyst - A lighter amethyst quartz that is usually slightly more opaque than A quality Amethyst.

Cherry Quartz - Most of the stuff labeled Cherry Quartz is actually a manmade glass, though it still looks lovely!

Purple Impression Jasper - Also known as Imperial Jasper or Sea Sediment Jasper. It dyes well, so comes in many colors.

Purple Impression Jasper Cabochons FREEFORM 1pc -

Red Jade - Jade can be dyed many colors and this one has been dyed a bright candy red. Gorgeous!