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A board dedicated to Afro-Brazilian women, black women of Brazil or afrodescendentes as they are sometimes called.
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Paola de Luca is from Rio de Janeiro. While she is a PE teacher, she is also known for her relationship with a world-famous soccer superstar. See more of her here:

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Black Women of Brazil

Ivete Sacramento is apioneer in Brazil’s Affirmative Action system that has given thousands of black Brazilian access to college; she is the first black woman dean of a Brazilian university and now leads a reparations program in Bahia, a heavily Afro-Brazilian state.

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"Black Identity Exposition" in Rio de Janeiro and celebrated the visibility of black faces and the achievements of black culture in Brazilian History featuring a round table discussion on black women in Brazilian society.

"Black Identity Exposition" in Rio de Janeiro - Photo gallery 2

Karen Mattos is a law student at Unipalmares, which is Brazil's first and only black college. The school's student body is 87% Afro-Brazilian.

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Although the country is known for having some of the world's best soccer players, the most beautiful beaches and women who aren't shy about showing themselves off, studies confirm that the overweight/obesity epidemic has arrived in Brazil. At the current rate, in 10 years Brazil will have the same rate of overweight/obese people as the United States.

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Aline Mattos: Former contestant of one of Brazil's most popular and long-running reality shows.

Actress/singer/dancer Adriana Lessa, a talented woman who has overcome adversities and still enjoys life.

Women from the city of São Paulo participate in Carnaval 2013

Zileide Silva is a highly respected journalist, one of the few high profile, nationally-recognized black female journalists in the country.

A contestant in the "Most Beautiful Black Woman of Amapá" contest. Amapá is a state in northern Brazil.

Domestic Elizete Pavão's baby developed in her ovary and survived; pregnancy considered extremely rare.

These talented black women are bringing some much needed diversity to the newsrooms of Brazil's media and into Brazilian homes. They are talented, respected, competent and also beautiful!

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The Night of the Black Beauty: Salvador, Bahia black Carnaval group's yearly homage to the beauty of black women

Clara Paixão is from the Carnaval bloco Cacique de Ramos & the Beija-Flor Samba School of Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro. After wearing waist length weaves in past "Queen of Carnaval" competitions, she decided to transition into wearing her natural, curly hair texture.

In memory: An amazing woman, Edialeda Salgado do Nascimento, spoke five languages and became the first black woman to be named a Secretary of State in Brazil. Assuming the Secretary position in1983, a doorman barred her from entering the building because he assumed, as a black woman, she didn't belong there. She went to school in Italy and defended issues affecting the black population. She passed in 2010.

Elaine Ribeiro is a former Samba school "Queen of the Drumbeat", has danced in at least 10 countries and speaks 3 languages. She was featured in a 2011 documentary about Brazil's "mulata" Carnaval dancers.

December 19th, Thereza Santos passed away at the age of 82. This dynamic woman was an important figure in Brazil's black movement. She was exiled in the 70s, fought against African colonialism, wrote a theater piece on black Brazilian identity and invisibility and contributed groundbreaking work on the position of black women in Brazilian society. Axé. She will be missed!

Valdecir Nascimento of the Odara Institute of Black Women with civil rights icon, Angela Davis. Davis recently voiced her support of the black Brazilian women's march, to happen in 2015.

Camila Silva will lead Samba schools in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in 2013

Carnaval dancer/model/actress Quitéria Chagas

Jurema Werneck, Ph.D, specializes in studies and the promotion of policies to address health issues of the Afro-Brazilian population

Feira Preta (Brazil's Black Expo) 2012 in São Paulo celebrates the power and empowerment of black women.

Camila Silva: Queen of the Drumbeat for the 2013 Carnaval season of Samba schools in Rio and Sampa

Fernanda Silva from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, is featured in a current C fashion campaign starring model Gisele Bunchen entitled "The Powerful Ones of Brazil"

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This young lady is from Curitiba, Brazil