France / Ekobo specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary hand-crafted home accessories made from a natural and renewable resource: bamboo.
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ELLE | Mobilier, déco, électroménager : nos solutions cuisine. Guide Shopping

Madame Figaro, spécial Green. « BONNE NATURE… Produits certifiés AB, vaisselle recyclable, ustentiles éco-design…, tout pour une cuisine éthique délicieusement chic. » Notre vaisselle BIOBU, au côté de Reine Mère (carnet de cuisine) et Marlette (préparation pour blinis au sarrasin). @Eduardo Alvarez @Marlette

Globo, Medio et Solo sur les meubles eco-design @SENGTAI

Babyccino Kids team discover BIOBU in Playtime Paris, and enjoy it ! » On Sunday we attended Playtime and, as usual, we were so inspired by the many great brands we saw — lots of old favourites, and a few new discoveries too! » Biobu by Ekobo – A collection of dishes which are beautiful, natural and completely biodegradable! @Babyccino Kids @Playtime Universes

Design Sponge, 2006 | « designer boo louis of ekobo design was kind enough to pass along some of their eco-friendly world. based in france, ekobo is an eco-friendly studio specializing in bamboo designs. » @Design*Sponge

Design Sponge : « there is a seriously delicious “in the kitchen with” recipe coming up this afternoon so i have food and cooking on my mind. ekobo’s new “modulo” bamboo kitchen organizer is a cool way to keep all of your cooking utensils in order. modulo is actually the result of a collaborations between two young design students, adrien lassalmonie and fernand manzi. they designed this multi-faceted organizer to adapt to different needs. the form consists of a container (…) »…

Design Sponge, 2008 | Sneak peek: Boo and Bruno Louis of Ekobo « today’s sneak peek belongs to boo and bruno louis of ekobo/ecology & design. based in france, the company designs and manufactures contemporary, sustainable home accessories from bamboo- working exclusively with fair-trade artisan villages in vietnam to handcraft their products. bruno (the [french] founder) and boo (the [american] product/graphic designer) live in the historic center of montpellier, france (…) » @Design*Sponge