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Spoon Tattoos

We're so proud that so many Spoonies have chosen to honor living their life with chronic illness with a tattoo honoring The Spoon Theory. If you would like to share yours - email me with a photo, your name / location and a few lines about you.

Spoon Tattoos

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A lotus to represent a new beginning, or a hard time in life that has been overcome and the symbol "Hum" from the Buddhist mantra to stand for love, kindness and protection...this symbol is also said to purify hatred and anger.

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Article from for those that have tattoos. Could Melanoma Be Lurking Under Your Tattoo?

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Debbie Dorgan – Albany, OR; Always "type A" girl.Bout of mono 1999, long time sleep problems, fibro 2006. My late mother had lupus and my rheumy feels that eventually … So hard to learn "pacing" after an active life! I loved the tattoo ideas on BYDLS. Long surgical scar on my arm was the perfect place for it. The heart reminds me to try and love life always, the purple/lavender ribbon for fibro/invisible illness, and of course, a spoon!

Jay Sullivan – McGraw NY; I got the tattoo in honor of my girlfriend Joana. Joana's lupus has progressed and has affected her kidneys. She is now on a chemo/ steroid regimen.

Diane gendron - My daugther did this tattoo on my leg for me. My son, Andy-Gabriel, was diagnosed with Behcet's disease at age 3. He is now 17. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with the same disease. My case is a lot less severe. You can see my spoon on the left side of the phoenix's tail.

  • Nelly Elizee
    Nelly Elizee

    My 21 yrs old son has Behcet's I know your pain

Jackie Ogden

Susan Forslund- Before coloring and after! I have Lupus. Diagnosed 5 years ago, but symptoms go back nearly 20 years. I'm a teacher, and feeling extremely lucky to have enough spoons lately to maintain a relatively active life.

 Christle Waugh, Copper Hill VA – There is a cross on the end of the spoon handle. I may run out of spoons way before I would like each day, however, My spoon, my heart, my faith will always be with me. I plan to add a design around it and personal words of encouragement at a later date, but I need to heal first and wait for the right words. Have a spoon filled day and live life one spoon at a time! And always hold on to that one that holds faith, determination and your love for yourself.

Leah Marvin Clevenger -Phoenix AZ. I’m almost 35 years old. I suffer from Adrenal insufficiency and have been battling AI for 4 years now. I got this tattoo in March of 2012. It was a symbol of my acceptance, finally, that I have a chronic illness, and also that I will live on with it. There are little spoons hanging from the branches.

Yaya baez – Bronx, Ny - a I'm from the bronx. My mom has been suffering from Lupus for 7 yrs. She also has Raynaurd disease and most recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Sarah michelle laubscher Independence, MO. I'm 30, married for 12y & a mom of 4. My whole life has been affected by Fibro & CFS. I spent several years thinking that I could just "rest" and that I would feel better. I’ve been making some dietary/lifestyle changes in order to learn to live with my disease instead of just fighting it all the time. The change in attitude and lifestyle has helped. I still have to budget my "spoons" and there never seemed to be enough, but I am learning as I go.

Evonne Weese - MD I saw this pic on Pinterest and loved it!. I read a book on Lupus when diagnosed in 2008 noting the wolf reference: Wolf comes from the Latin Canis Lupus and the butterfly to represent new life. I thought this was a great representation. Oh, the spoons are because of the spoon theory of course. Every time I read it tear up. I got 2 since I also have Fibromyalgia.

  • Randi Baker
    Randi Baker

    I have this same tattoo on my back. Love it. ❤

Jodi Cascella Milford CT - I'm I'm 26 and I developed fibromyalgia when I was in high school. I got this tattoo back in 2005, because who doesn't need an extra spoon lying around!?

Candace Gonzales Casados Cheyenne, WY The Spoon Theory has helped my family/friends view life living with multiple diagnoses’. My nick name "Queen Cana, emerald for my husband, ruby for me, sapphire for my daughter; a heart for my family. The diabetes ribbon has "Faith,Hope,Strength,Courage. An infinity sign for unending love. I remember my Grandma who passed from diabetes complications. I see it as a daily reminder to live w/ an extra spoon & to keep going. My husband designed & tattooed it!

Nicki Arnold Swindle Alabama Another Sitting needed. One of my best friends is a tattoo artist. I read her The Spoon Theory and mentioned a spoon tattoo. She was so moved, she created this. The center spoon- represents that even when it is cloudy, there is still sun, always take life one day or one minute at a time & the key to our destiny is always there even when it appears hidden; pearl is my birthstone. We included spoons for my grandmothers, mother & MIL who all have chronic illness.

From Anchorage Alaska



Whitney Steir






  • 💜Jamie Anderson💚
    💜Jamie Anderson💚

    Yes I know the pic is hard to see but I do like