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photography pretty Cool Model blue pink amazing editorial Colors are good, though I would want to do most if not all of the photos in landscape to push the cinematic look. Might need a different gel set for this kind of magenta/pink.

Lou Schoof

We catch up with Lou Schoof from New York Models to talk designer dreams, ironic emoji usage and growing up too fast.

배우 이영진

배우 이영진

부채를 든 여인 - 알렉산더 로슬린  1768. 스톡홀름 국립 미술관.  작품의 주인공인 프랑스식으로 옷을 입은 젋은 부인은 화가의 부인인 마리 쉬잔입니다. 당시 왕가 컬렉션의 특징적인 주제는 흥미로운 표정을 짓거나 특이한 장식품으로 꾸민 젊은 여성들의 초상화 시리즈였습니다. 부끄러운듯이 짓는 미소가 여인을 더 사랑스럽게 하는 것 같네요.

vcrfl: “Alexander Roslin: The Lady with the Veil, The sitter was Marie-Suzanne Roslin, née Giroust, the artist’s wife, dressed á la Bolognaise. Marie-Suzanne Roslin was an artist in her own.

Salomé, Paul Antoine de La Boulaye. (1849 – 1926), detail

"Salomé" painted by Paul Antoine de La Boulaye. Is a French painter. Student of Bonnat, he specialized in genre paintings, the portraits and history painting and religious.