Kind of breaks all the "rules" but it still works and looks ultra chic and modern for such an awkward space

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Using a dark topsoil or mulch is a sure way to keep a clean and modern feeling

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Uniform but the natural elements of the lawn, plant life, wood and stone make this space feel alive.

Modern Garden Design by Amir Schlezinger

Your home doesn't need a modern exterior to have a modern landscape

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A minimalist approach is the easiest way to achieve the modern outdoor living space. This may be taking to far for some but the idea is "less is more"

Carysfort Cottage extension in Dalkey | Yatzer

Mixing shapes while still keeping it uniform looking is crucial when designing a modern space

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Who doesn't love a funky garden Gnome?! Solid color accessories are welcome in a modern garden.

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What happens when hard (pavement) meets soft (plantings) in your yard? Modern art you can walk on!

6 modern garden art designs

Lighting can add beautiful dimension to your outdoor space and so can stepping stones. This just happens to be both!