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sophie la girafe

24/07/11 - 31/07/11

Frozen Cutie Anna Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite

Frozen Cutie Anna Kandi Pattern

Alpha Pattern #7675 added by FTCN97

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #7675 -

This is an example of an image with low pixel density. Instead of having a soft curvature and lines, the edges of the blocks that make up the lines and edges are clearly visible.

Minecraft Pixel Art Templates: Spiderman

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3085 -

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3085 -

Batman perler bead pattern-could also work for a quilt pattern :)

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3065 -

iPhone case made with NABBI beads

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Beanie Boo Penguin Perler Bead Pattern | Bead Sprites | Animals Fuse Bead Patterns

Beanie Boo Penguin Kandi Pattern

Heart box hama perler beads by abbieelouiseexo

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Disney Princess coasters perler bead pattern by Drayzinha

Ponto Cruz da Drayzinha


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These perler beads aren't just for kids. Learn how to melt perler beads and get your kids involved in thank you card making/writing

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Friendship bracelet pattern #8733 by szrene99. Could be used as a bookmark

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #8733 -

DIY beaded bracelet like summer watermelon

DIY Beaded Bracelet like Summer Watermelon – Nbeads

Perler bead drink covers. Adorable!!

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Make a lovely dream catcher with Hama bead feathers | Village Voices

diy dream catcher

Earbud organizer

Instagram photo by @mahama_beads (Ma Hama <3) - via Iconosquare

Törmäsin eilen Pinterestin ihmeellisessä maailmassa ihaniin hamahelmikoruihin, joita oli...

Pienet joululahjat osa 2 - hamakorut (piipadoo)

3d Perler Bead Pattern-How to Make a Perler Bead Red Heart Box

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Beatles Iotacons. From the blog Iotacons by Andy Rash. Link here: iotacons.blogspot...

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3D Superman perler beads

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Strijkkralen smelten in vormpjes voor in de Kerstboom. Vormpjes insmeren met olie. Paar minuten in de oven. Eenmaal uit de oven, afkoelen in warm water, zodat het makkelijker loslaat

Fusible Bead Christmas Decorations -

40 Cool Perler Bead Patterns,,

40 Cool Perler Bead Patterns - Hative

DIY Christmas Ornaments Hama Perler Bead Pattern or Cross Stitch Chart - FREE!

A24728 -

Drink Me and Eat Me - Alice in Wonderland perler beads by perlerbeads_art

Instagram photo by @perlerbeads_art (Perler Beads) | Iconosquare