couponing for beginners

How to Start Couponing for Beginners

Pin now, read later: Couponing for beginners: Not so extreme. I like using coupons to save but 16 cans of shaving cream and only two pizzas?

Probably the most useful thing I've seen on pinterest.<<<< mind the language and pass it on

Its not funny, but this is my most popular board, so im pinning it here. Safety tips and life-saving strategies! Everyone, Especially Women, Should Take a Moment To Read This.

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This app is pretty clunky but I LOVE the idea! The Aspire News app. an app disguised as a news app that can give women in abusive relationships access to domestic violence resources. For free.

What to Buy

What to Buy.. and When: A Month by Month Breakdown of Sale Cycles

What to Buy. and When: A Month by Month Breakdown of Sale Cycles! Which month can you get the best buys on what? save money on food saving money on food save money on groceries

10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know! These are SO good!

LiveLoveDIY: 10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know good shopping tips here - learned some new reasons for shopping thrift stores.

Birthday Free Dining

where to eat free on your birthday diy dinner easy diy diy tips tips birthdays happy birthday wishes life hacks life hack money saving

Google tips

Google Search Cheat Sheet, Get A LOT More Out of Google