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Jenny Holzer // Times Square Sign, 1982

“ Jenny Holzer, Times Square Sign, 1982 The language of Truisms, obdurate and internally consistent, heralded a voice that is striking not least for its paradoxical anonymity. Truisms pull no punches.

jQuery Nested

Nested is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create multi-column, dynamic grid layouts. Unlike other libraries and jQuery plugins similar to Nested, this is (as far I as I’ve know) the first script out there that allows you a complete gap-free layout.

Book Covers of Note June 2014

The Birds

Graphic design inspiration

Saul Bass "The Birds" movie poster. Use of negative space makes this poster more dramatic with the contrast between the red and white.

24 hours party people

24 Hour Party People, 2002 (Michael Winterbottom) art by Heath Killen

The Title Poster

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students. Possibility: Make posters for books that aren't being made into movies. Also make a movie trailer on iMovie for the same thing.