Marisol Caballero-Prada

Marisol Caballero-Prada
Hannover / GERMANY / makeup-artist • lifestyle • fashion • travel • sports • based in germany • instagram: marisolprada_makeup_artist • snapchat: marisol_prada
Marisol Caballero-Prada
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underwater caverns - along with the alien building i was talking about, i could have an underwater alien building with a Japanese theme.

I like this more artistic, less cliche take on dive photography

“ Beauty and The Beast A female freediver takes in the underwater scene, as a lemon shark slowly swims by Photograph by Raul Boesel ” Envy.

“Freediving Serenity” Bronze in Divers Joel Penner, California Location: Tulum, Mexico Comment: Tulum is said to have more diving diversity than anywhere else in the world. 3rd-155021390877608_ORIGINAL

Our friend, Jennifer Penner (graceful sea creature) free diving in gorgeous light rays. Her husband, Joel Penner took this!

Crystal-clear water & slivers of sunshine.

of our earth is covered with water. The ocean is a beautiful place and many creatures live in it. We must keep water clean because it is very very useful and helps us a lot and with a lot of things we do such as drinking, washing, bathing, and many more.

Schöne Ketten passend zum Boho-Look!

Crystal, chalcedony and druzy necklaces by koshikira jewelry Schmuck Layer Look