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The Love Letter (detail), François Martin-Kavel, undated. Oil on canvas. Criss-cross lacing!

The Love Letter. François Martin-Kavel (French, Oil on canvas. Martin-Kavel was a painter of figures, nudes, landscapes, still lifes and flowers. He was called “the poet of the painting.

Portrait of an Unknown Lady

1576 - Portrait of an Unknown Lady (once called 'Catherine Parr', and then 'Catherine Vaux, Lady Throckmorton') by British (English) School Oil on panel, x cm Collection: National Trust, Coughton Court

Elizabeth of Valois - eldest daughter of Henry II of France & Catherine de' Medici. Her father insisted she share her bedroom w/ her future sister-in-law, Mary, Queen of Scots. She had to give precedence to Mary –a crowned queen. The 2 would remain close friends the rest of their lives. Though her sister Margaret & Mary of Scots were prettier, she was still considered attractive. She married to Philip II of Spain. Philip was enchanted by his 14 yr old bride & gave up his mistress.

1568 - Elizabeth of Valois, Queen of Spain, bust-length, wearing a jewelled headdress and a red embroidered dress by circle of Anthonis Mor

Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves after Holbein after Holbein by Henry (Hoppner) Meyer printed in 1828

Anne de Bretagne

Anne of Brittany - Queen of France from 1491 to 1498 and again from 1499 to She was the wife of Charles VIII and Louis XII. She had one son with Charles VIII, but he died young. She had two daughters with Louis XII.