It's Viola/Pansy time. // Clemmensen and Brok: All around A Little Pistachio Cake and some Pansies.

Creation by Rebecca Louise Law

🌸🌺🌻 -N Repost: Rebecca Louise Law, Floral installation artist! Her work dries whilst on show, therefore is everlasting and she integrates her work with the local community which I find morally satisfying.

Make your home look like the Gucci 2016 campaign with Vogue's interiors shopping guide; I just like the flowers.

Beach summer loving: blue and white striped beach sun umbrellas on the stand (mw)

Photo by Ruslan Sukh

Photo by Ruslan Sukh

Venetian stripes (gondoliere=gondolier / uniforme=uniform) waiting for the next job?

Summer Collection

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