Mrs. King's Music Room: Making Swimming Noodle Ponies

Oh the things you can do with a pool noodle! King's Music Room: Making Swimming Noodle Ponies

recycle a packing tape ring to make a clever stamping wheel

Here's an easy stamp wheel craft you can make at home from old tape roll and some foam shapes. This is a fabulously simple and creative ide.

Baby block tutorial. Read somewhere to use a charm pack. Brilliant!! ... add jingle bells or store bags to make noise.

This was so easy, don't know why I haven't done it before! Zaaberry: Baby Soft Block with Ribbon Tutorial

people blocks - very awesome! Love it!

Taking photos of each child and gluing them to a block. Makes it very personal and include in the classroom, incorporating these blocks into normal block and construction play. From a Reggio inspired website.


rainbowsandunicornscrafts: DIY Starry Starry Night Flashlight Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects here. If you don’t have a fancy vinyl cutting machine you can use contact paper and a hole punch.

Joy's Hope: Baby crinkle square tutorial

Joy's Hope: Baby crinkle square tutorial - MADE Good tutorial. My first one didn't turn out so good, but my second try is pretty good. Cute idea for a baby shower perhaps.

Toddler pom-pom push

pom-pom push for fine motor skill development finger isolation *could write a letter or sight word near each hole that they "say" as they push

Nerf Gun Shooting Range

Have fun with an indoor Nerf Gun Target Range! No previous training necessary! Add plexy glass bullseye to wall and have nerf target practice

Our Weekly Playlist Vol. 2 ;  Ideas for toddler play

Our Weekly Playlist Vol. 2

make with wooden discs: drill hole, sand well, paint w/ watercolor, and seal w/ beeswax polish

Home Made Baby Toy - Bottle Top Bell