Mistivlav Pavlov

the most important thing is to be whatever you are without shame. -Rod Steiger artist: Mistivlav Pavlov She is so beautiful I love this

Keep all the corks from the wine at your wedding and make into a DIY art piece! Great for a dining room or kitchen as cork board. Maybe different shape and let it be known it was from wedding (have something cute.

Street art is awesome (34 HQ Photos)

Really interesting and unique street art mural of an elephant scaling a building in London. This took some time and creativity.

my heart just skipped a beat! Rustic, turquoise and the architecture.


“ The Dance Class Edgar Degas (French, Oil on canvas. Musée d’Orsay, Paris. When this work and its variant in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, were painted in the.

Margot Fonteyn, Life Magazine 1949.

Margot Fonteyn (May 1919 - was a British prima ballerina, among the most celebrated and famous solo dancers of the C. - not least remembered for her fiery, late partnership with Rudolf Nureyev… Photo: Gjon Mili, 1949 - LIFE

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Uses for Old Crayons

This guide contains craft ideas using recycled crayons. Ever wonder what to do with those stubs of crayons? Old crayons can be used in a variety of crafts from making new crayons to candles.

The kitchen - Pablo Picasso  1948

Pablo Picasso, The Kitchen (La cuisine), Grands-Augustins, Paris, November 1948