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Web Design Principles: What You Should Know About The Golden Ratio | CodeRevolution

Design principles are the things you should follow when it comes to making design since it contains the basic rule of creative design. Those are the things that should be mastered by the designers. There are some aspects that you should notice when you make a design. Keep in mind that making a design cannot […]

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How to Do Keyword Research for Your YouTube Videos? | CodeRevolution

I am starting a new category of articles today here on my website. I will be also including info insights about YouTube. The first topic will be how to do keyword research for the videos you upload to YouTube. Keyword research is crucial – but most tools are centered around Google search data. What if […]

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How Much Money Will I earn Through AdSense? – The reality | CodeRevolution

Earning money through AdSense is a fairly easy job if you have a blog or a website with good content and decent traffic. If you start a micro niche blog then the question ‘how much money will i earn through AdSense’ will be one heck of a question to ask. The facts on how much […]

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MilesWeb Review: Is This Unlimited Web Hosting Provider Any Good in 2020? | CodeRevolution

Basically, unlimited web hosting refers to the ability to use the resources at your disposal in an infinite way. You get unlimited disk storage, unlimited disk transfer and addon domain name capacity for free. Web developers need unlimited hosting specifically. This is because they get an opportunity to host the website without worrying about its […]

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Quick Tips on How To Tell Better Stories with Content Curation | CodeRevolution

Here’s the thing: Ideas worth sharing plus a successful online presence goes hand in hand in the digital world, especially in a business perspective, and full text RSS feed can help you do just that! Trust me on this (especially for online marketers), when it comes to sustaining interests from your subscribers, you will need to share […]

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How to Setup and Configure Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin? | CodeRevolution

Search Engine Optimization is all that most of us running after to get higher rankings in the search engine. WordPress blogs are considered SEO optimized than the blogs built on other CMS. But still, we need to configure a lot of other things after installing WordPress to really make it SEO friendly. We all know, plugins are the backbone […]

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TaskHive – Freelance Services Marketplace WordPress Theme | CodeRevolution

With the advancement of the internet, a lot of jobs can be done online, such as computer programming, translation, and audio transcription. Most online jobs are paid per project and usually are lucrative, not to mention convenient. An online worker could choose where they want to work, and when to work (as long as the […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Jetpack with WordPress | CodeRevolution

It’s easy to assume WordPress will do everything you want it to right out of the box? But next to no software offers everything. That’s why plugins are so vital. They add to the functionality of WordPress. In this way, Jetpack fills in the missing holes and adds even more to the best content management platform that already powers 38% of the Internet. In […]

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How I managed to publish my 111th WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon? | CodeRevolution

Hello, my name is Szabi Kisded, I am 32 years old and I am a WordPress plugin developer. My story starts in my home town Cluj-Napoca found in Romania, where I finished college at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Those years where very delightful, I spent most of the time playing DotA with my 3 […]

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Is WooCommerce the right solution for your online stores? | CodeRevolution

With time, WooCommerce is growing increasingly more popular among e-commerce sites. Fundamentally WooCommerce is an open-source plugin. That's mainly designed to ease individuals or companies who wish to market their products online. WordPress site can be turned into an incredible online shop with the help of WooCommerce plugins. Some added supportive extensions out of the […]

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Planning a New Website? Don’t Launch It Until You Do This | CodeRevolution

Can you imagine how happy your website users would be if they were always able to complete the tasks they came for easily and efficiently? Can you imagine how your bottom line would be affected? A major problem with the way a website is planned and built is that it typically starts with decision makers […]

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Does Your Site Need a Web Designer or a Web Developer? | CodeRevolution

Anytime I’m asked do you need a Web Designer or a Web Developer in order to get a site built? In my mind I think Oo yeah the elusive unicorn that farts out rainbows. One has focus on eye candy, while the other tackles conversions, functionality wire frames etc. Not an easy mix to find. […]

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Building an Opt-In List, Building Relationships | CodeRevolution

Any entrepreneur’s goal should be SUCCESS! If you aim for success, you must do everything within your means to achieve that. You just don’t go on sitting there in your house complaining about not getting as much profit as you expect. You have to keep moving. You have to pour in and invest enough time, […]

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Multilingual WordPress Site | CodeRevolution

More people than ever are now shopping and socializing online. Given that they can easily comprehend product details, reviews, or in other words they are more likely to conduct cross border activity if they are provided the content in the native language. According to research 2020 will be the year when half of the content […]

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress Multisite | CodeRevolution

Are you planning to develop multiple WordPress blogs or websites? You must use WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite, as the name implies, allows anyone to develop numerous WordPress blogs or sites on a single WordPress installation (aka server). One can easily judge its power and potential by the fact that is the largest ‘WordPress Multisite Network’ on the planet. […]

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A new project idea came to my mind | CodeRevolution

Those who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve done work on multiple freelance projects. This gave me a new project idea, that would help me also in my business ventures. Now, I’ve decided to elaborate on exactly what this project idea is. My goal for the the new project is to create an estimate/invoicing web […]