Pebble Drilling Tutorial

For all those who would like to integrate pebbles or small stones: How to drill holes in stones - Pebble Drilling Tutorial

Drilling holes in sea glass

Sea-Glass Earrings

How-to Sea ~ Glass Earrings Martha Stewart ~ Drilling holes in sea glass. Use Silly Putty to anchor the glass in, that way you dont slip and drill your finger. Also you will feel the glass "give" into the putty & know that you are all the way through!

Wood burning tips using a Wood Creative Woodburner Pen.  By: Alisa Burke

This is a great tutorial on woodburning! Just buy the tool, and it will open up whole new worlds for you, including stamp making, and stencil cutting, and MUCH More !alisaburke: wood burning tips

Clean rust from tools

Organize Life Hacks on

Clean rust from tools! I actually need this, since I just did a big tidy in the shed and found a bunch of old rusty tools that need some TLC.

How to Drill Through Glass Infographic by Eternal Tools.   4 easy steps on how to drill through glass for jewellery making and craft work.

How to Drill Through Glass Infographic by Eternal Tools. 4 easy illustrated steps for use when drilling through sea glass, beach glass and fused glass. The principle is the same no matter what glass you need to drill through (except tempered glass)

Key wind chimes

iseeamoose creations: Custom Made One of a Kind Pieces. Jewlery, Magnetic Boards, Pop-top Magnets, Windchimes, Trays and more. Would be a great windchime!

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