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Keep Calm

Keep calm and carry on. This meme has been transformed to suit the interests of pretty much everybody with access to the internet. It's a lot of fun!

Keep Calm

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Keep Calm and Maintain Homeostasis

Be Vintage!

Only less than a month!!!!!! :):):)

Seriously, it will!

Doggy Dessert Chef

Keep calm and let it go. #frozen #letitgo

Keep Calm and do the Time Warp again

Keep Calm and Get Organized

Keep Calm All Ye Faithful t-shirts and gifts for Christmas. #christmas #keepcalm

Keep calm and Love Science, for the scope Shoppe Page.

Geology rocks...

What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

keep calm and like turtles

Grumpy cat

Keep Calm And Thank A Nurse t-shirts and gifts for your favorite RN. May 6th is National Nurses Day in the United States.

Sewing Machine Cover

Free classroom posters, graphic organizers and student study aides.

Put that thing back where it came from or so help me! #monsters #disney

Wear flip flops and pretend it's Summer.

  • SusieQ


  • Emmeretta Russey
    Emmeretta Russey

    Trisha Zanzinger let's do it!

  • Trisha Zanzinger
    Trisha Zanzinger

    Oh I am gonna do it I have to get my toes done first

  • Tangerine Toes
    Tangerine Toes

    All-day everyday :)

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Keep calm there's an app for that.

Keep calm because you've got a friend in me. #toystory #disney

  • DeLIZia Alonso
    DeLIZia Alonso

    ♥ aww u too friend

  • Alia Wolfskill
    Alia Wolfskill

    Thanks frenny

  • Gabriela Fernandez
    Gabriela Fernandez

    Me faltan muuuuchas nenas :) y el resto de mi pipol :)

  • Jessica Maida
    Jessica Maida

    Awe ditto

  • Nicole Gallo
    Nicole Gallo

    Love u

Keep calm and go to the beach.

Keep calm and think of the sea.

Keep calm and take photos.

Keep calm and garden on.

Keep calm? Seriously? In this house?