One of the best parts of early summer in Italy are the sunflowers. They go on for miles. Note to self: next time, pull over and run through them. :) #sunflower

Roam in a field of sunflowers. They're one of my two fav flowers – the other are tulips. Frolicking in a field of tulips sounds nice too :)

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flahei: “ imbusion: “ chamhomile: “ flohrile: “ flohrile ” chamhomile ” ☀ pls mssg me if similar :) ☪ ” my youth is yours; tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls ゜.✧・ ”

Amelia's Flower Truck- often in 12 South

Gretel Adams of Sunny Meadows in Columbus, Ohio. Creating wedding designs with farm fresh flowers. My partner in crime- Clara Stokes.

Soft photography. Vintage sunflowers photography. Pretty flowers. Beauty.

Have a goodnight, I miss you my ladies. Yes, I'm posting again redcoat haha. Enjoy the new towels.