cute look. state pride t-shirt, jeans, blazer, statement necklace God Bless Texas!

I want an Oklahoma and Kansas one. Delicate texas bracelet I want a Georgia and Alabama one!

Love this Texas table

Texas Table idea: I would use a darker blue for the flag, and use white for the legs.

Texas burlap pillow- "God Bless Texas" Custom Made to Order. I want this pillow!

50 Sure Signs That Texas Is Actually Utopia

Reasons Texas is Utopia. They neglect to mention that it makes a sincere effort to rival hell for temperatures every summer. It would be a really great place if we let Ann Richards run the show in perpetuity and kept the thermostat below 70 at all times.

Poetry in Texas…

via Pleated Jeans Can't argue with that! This Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurant in Texas goes straight for the jugular (or is it stomach?) with this gem of a poem: "Roses are red / so is ketchup / Have a corndog.

CaLi Lou "Little Miss Tex" bright pink pillow with a glittery gold appliqué…

She's Like Texas

She's Like Texas. Josh Abbott Band I've had this song stuck in my head for a week. I loooove Josh Abbott Band!

101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life

101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life. May live in Florida now but Texas always has my heart.

Josh Abbott Band-She's Like Texas -- allie made me a texas like this!